Stardew Valley Cursed Mannequins Are a Spooky New 1.6 Addition

The Stardew Valley Cursed Mannequins.

There are a number of aspects of Stardew Valley steeped in the supernatural. Players can encounter ghosts while mining, find a Strange Capsule on their Farms one morning, and even encounter a Goblin. Now, thanks to Update 1.6, things are getting even stranger. The Stardew Valley Cursed Mannequins are a new item players can acquire that have some eerie hidden powers.

How to Get the Cursed Mannequins

The Haunted Skulls enemy in Stardew Valley.
Farm Haunted Skull enemies for Cursed Mannequins drops.

To acquire your own Cursed Mannequin, available in male or female models, luck plays a significant role. These mannequins are rare drops from Haunted Skull enemies found in the Quarry Mine or dungeon floors of The Mines. Enhance your chances by wearing the Burglary Ring, which boosts loot drop rates from monsters.

What Do Cursed Mannequins Do? What Makes Them Spooky?

Cursed Mannequins (M/F) function similarly to standard Mannequins. Players can position these mannequins in their Farmhouse and dress them with clothing. However, things take a spooky turn during bedtime. Each night, there’s a chance the Cursed Mannequins may change rooms, swap clothing with the player, or alter the room’s wallpaper.

All these eerie actions contribute to the mysterious aura surrounding the Cursed Mannequins. Are they truly alive? The answers remain elusive, adding another layer of intrigue to the ever-expanding list of mysteries in Stardew Valley.

If you’re looking for more supernatural experiences in Stardew Valley Update 1.6, be sure to visit the Mayor’s House. Something interesting now lurks in the basement for players to discover.

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