Stardew Valley Perfection Waiver Explainer

Fizz offering to sell the Farmer a Perfection Waiver in Stardew Valley.

Introduced in Update 1.6, the Stardew Valley Perfection Waiver is a purchasable item that provides players with an alternative route to achieve The Summit and the Perfection ending. This waiver introduces a new dynamic to the game, offering players more flexibility in their pursuit of perfection. To learn everything you need to know about these waivers, see our comprehensive guide below.

When Can You Get Perfection Waivers

Before you can begin purchasing Perfection Waivers, you must first receive a letter from a Joja Corporation employee named Fizz. This letter, upon arrival, will contain the following message:

I have the ‘perfect’ solution to help you out.
Meet me in the watery cave on Ginger Island.
Joja Special Services Division”

As evident from the letter, it presents somewhat of a riddle. Fizz mentions being located in a “watery cave” on Ginger Island. Make your way to Ginger Island now so we can find him.

Where to Find Fizz and Buy Perfection Waivers

Map location of Fizz on Ginger Island in Stardew Valley.
Fizz is located in the Mushroom Cave in the Dig Site on Ginger Island.

The cave Fizz directs you to is the Mushroom Cave at the Dig Site. To reach this location, you must first repair the bridge using 10 Golden Walnuts and then free Professor Snail from the cave. After both are complete you can freely enter the cave and find Fizz standing in the back. When you speak to him he will offer to sell you Perfection Waivers for 500,000g each.

What Does a Perfection Waiver Do Exactly?

Each time you buy a Perfection Waiver for 500,000g from Fizz, you gain +1% progress towards achieving Perfection. This provides an alternative option for players who prefer not to complete the full list of requirements, but still unlock all of the Perfection ending rewards.

Perfection Waivers are not considered items in the game. When one is purchased it doesn’t appear in your inventory. Instead it is track on the progress statue in the Walnut Room on Ginger Island. The statue displays Total Complete: X% (+X Waivers), giving players a way to see their progress including the waivers.

This is not the only Joja Corporation thing on Ginger Island. There is now a Golden Parrot players can interact with to find remaining Golden Walnuts around the island. This service costs gold to use.

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