Stardew Valley Golden Joja Parrot, Explained

The Stardew Valley Golden Joja Parrot.

In the latest update, Stardew Valley introduces the Golden Joja Parrot, a fresh addition to Ginger Island. This colorful bird presents an enticing business opportunity for players seeking to expedite their search for Golden Walnuts on the island. While this service can significantly benefit players with the funds, discovering the whereabouts of the Golden Joja Parrot and its offerings is key. Continue reading to uncover its location and functionality.

Where is the Golden Joja Parrot on Ginger Island?

The map location of the Golden Joja Parrot on Ginger Island.
The parrot is located to the west of the Volcano.

The Golden Joja Parrot is located on Ginger Island, situated in the northern section of the island. Rather than entering the Volcano Dungeon, head west and follow the path until you reach the end. There, perched on a Joja Stand along the cliff edge, you’ll discover the parrot.

What Does the Golden Joja Parrot Do Exactly?

Golden Parrot telling players the cost of finding all remaining Golden Walnuts.
Each found Golden Walnut costs 10,000g.

The Golden Joja Parrot located on Ginger Island offers a unique service: it gathers all remaining unfound Golden Walnuts for players. However, this convenience comes at a cost, as each walnut the parrot finds requires a payment of 10,000g. Notably, players cannot opt to pay for the parrot to find walnuts one by one; instead, they must pay upfront for the parrot to locate all remaining walnuts at once. For instance, if a player has 130 walnuts left to find, it will cost them a total of 1,300,000g to use the parrot’s service.

If you opt for the Golden Joja Parrot service, you’ll need to rest for one night after buying it. During your sleep, a cutscene will show a Joja Corporation employee surrounded by bags of money as the parrots gather walnuts from the island. Upon waking up, your Golden Walnut counter will be filled with the remaining ones.

This is not the only service the Joja Corporation offers on Ginger Island. Players can now discover Fizz, who sells Perfection Waivers. This item gives players another route to Perfection using just money.

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