How to Romance Emily in Stardew Valley

Like the Harvest Moon series, Stardew Valley has a large pool of marriage candidates for all your loving needs. Recently game developer ConcernedApe, released update 1.1, giving even more marriage options in the form of both Emily and Shane. With these new options has come more Heart Events to uncover. Below is a guide on how to romance Emily in Stardew Valley.

Who is Emily?

romance Emily

As of the 1.1 update, Emily is now a marriage candidate.

Emily lives in Pelican Town and tends to The Stardrop Saloon at night. As you romance Emily, you will learn that she loves to make her own clothing. This is beneficial to know as giving Emily gifts of cloth and wool are easy ways to increase her affinity towards you.

Where Can Emily Be Found?

Emily’s house can be found south of the town square, neighboring Jodi’s. When Emily is not at her house, you can find her in working at The Stardrop Saloon. The best place to approach Emily is either at her house, or in The Stardrop Saloon.

What to Give Emily?romance Emily

Like everyone in Pelican Town, Emily is also incredibly materialistic. This means you can win here friendship and also her hand in marriage by simply giving her enough stuff. But what kind of stuff you may ask. Let me show tell you. The best gifts to give Emily are: Amethyst, Aquamarine, Cloth, Emerald, Jade, Ruby, Survival Burger, Topaz, and Wool. Giving Emily any of these items will improve your relationship with her. Keep in mind that on Emily’s birthday (27th of Spring) gifts given have 8x the effect, so use this to your advantage.

Emily Heart Events

Emily has a total of 7 heart events over the course of raising her love meter. Each heart event tells a snippet of Emily’s story. Here is a full breakdown of all of Emily’s Heart Events in the video below.


To see Emily’s Heart Events do the following:

2 Hearts Event: Enter Emily’s house after building your relationship to two hearts.

3 Hearts Event: You will start receiving mail from Emily.

4 Hearts Event: Enter the town when it is sunny (excluding winter).

6 Hearts Event: Enter Emily’s house after building your relationship to six hearts.

7 Hearts Event: You will receive a recipe in the mail from Emily.

8 Hearts Event: A letter will invite the player to visit the Mayor’s Manor.

10 Hearts Event: Meet Emily in the Secret Woods after 10pm that night.

Once you have reached 10 hearts with Emily, you can decide if you want to marry her or keep her comfortably in the friendzone. If you do decide to marry, simply buy the Mermaid’s Pendant from the Old Mariner on the beach for 5000 gold. The Old Mariner only appears on rainy days and never appears in Winter. Take the pendant to Emily and propose.

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