Stardew Valley Divorce System Explained

Interaction with Shane after divorcing him.

In Stardew Valley, players can form various relationships with townsfolk, from platonic to romantic, possibly resulting in marriage. But as in real life, marriages may hit rough patches, leading to divorce. Thankfully, for players, a Stardew Valley divorce is simple to do. To learn how it works, see our guide below.

How to Get a Divorce

When players get married in Stardew Valley, they may find themselves falling out of love with their spouse. When this happens, it’s time to consider a divorce. Thankfully there is an easy way to do this.

The divorce book in Stardew Valley.
Interact with this book in Mayor Lewis’s house to get a divorce.

To initiate a divorce, players must visit Mayor Lewis’s house during its open hours (8:30 am to 10:00 pm). Inside, in the left corner, there’s a book you can interact with. Upon interacting with it, you will be asked if you wish to get a divorce. It costs 50,000g.

If you choose to have Krobus as a roommate instead of one of the town’s bachelors or bachelorettes, you have the option to evict Krobus instead of getting a divorce. The procedure remains the same, but it has no cost.

If you go ahead with the divorce/eviction you have the full day to decide if you really want to go through with it. Returning to the book on the day you filed divorce will give you the option to reverse your decision. If not the changes go into effect on the following day.

What Happens When You Get a Divorce

After initiating a divorce or eviction and sleeping for the night, changes occur the next day. Your spouse or roommate will move out, taking their room and unique outdoor area with them. They will return to their previous location, and your relationship with them will reset to zero hearts.

On the relationship page the character will have an (ex) distinction added to their name. When the farmer interacts with them they are cold and will have special responses regarding the failed marriage.

Can You Repair the Relationship?

The Dark Shrine of Memory description in Stardew Valley.
The Dark Shrine of Memory.

You can repair the relationship with your ex or ex-roommate using a bit of magic. In the Witch’s Hut there is a statue called the Dark Shrine of Memory you can interact with that grants the following service:

The relationship between you and your ex-spouses will be wiped from memory. It will be like you’ve never met. Make an offering of 30,000g?

Dark Shrine of Memory Description

Using this shrine reverses the impact of the divorce/eviction and allows you to again befriend and even remarry the person you got rid of earlier. Whether or not Yoba will look upon you approvingly for your actions remains to be seen.

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