Stardew Valley Catfish Guide

Farmer catching the Catfish in Stardew Valley.

In Stardew Valley, you’ll find various fish to catch, like the Catfish. This fish is available during Spring, Fall, and Summer, depending on the weather. If you’re seeking a comprehensive guide on catching the Catfish in Stardew Valley, the following post will assist you in reeling in this elusive fish.

What is the Catfish Season, Weather & Time in Stardew Valley

The Catfish in Stardew Valley can only be caught during specific seasons and times. It’s catchable from 6am to 12am during Spring, Fall, and Winter, but only when it’s raining. For an chance of finding it in Winter, use a Rain Totem to trigger rainy weather.

To circumvent the need for specific season, weather, and time conditions, you can fish with Magic Bait, available for purchase from Mr. Qi’s Shop on Ginger Island. This special bait allows you to catch fish without being bound by fishes usual season, time, and weather requirements.

Where to Catch the Catfish in Stardew Valley

The Farmer fishing in the Witch's Hut Pond.
The Witch’s Swamp is one place you can fish up a Catfish.

Catching a Catfish in Stardew Valley requires fishing in specific locations when the season, weather, and time align correctly. There are four possible areas you can fish for the Catfish:

  • River in Cindersnap Forest or Pelican Town
  • Secret Woods
  • Witch’s Swamp
  • On the Riverlands Farm, Forest Farm, or Hill-Top Farm

Starting on any of the mentioned farms provides the easiest way to catch a Catfish. If you don’t start on one of those farms your game progress may otherwise restrict access to the other fishing locations.

During the early stages, the River flowing through Pelican Town is the most accessible location for Catfish fishing. If you’ve advanced in the game, and unlocked the other locations, consider exploring the Secret Woods and Witch’s Swamp for better chances of finding this fish.

How to Catch Stardew Valley’s Catfish

The fishing mini-game in Stardew Valley.
The fishing mini-game.

Once everything aligns for you to get a Catfish, the next step is to fish for one. To do this, you will need to take part in the Stardew Valley fishing mini-game. To trigger this mini-game, go to one of the locations listed above and cast your fishing rod into the water. Wait for a fish to bite then reel it in.

To make catching the Catfish easier, be sure to check out our tips for fishing. There are a number of things you can do to make fishing easier in the game, including leveling up your fishing skill and using special bobbers.

Other Ways of Getting Catfish in Stardew Valley

You can obtain the Catfish through non-fishing methods, but they’re less reliable. These methods are somewhat random. First, you can check Garbage Cans during Spring and Fall. Second, you can buy it from the Traveling Cart when it has it in stock. Lastly, Linus might send it as a gift in the mail.

Another alternative is to set up a Catfish Fish Pond. Fill the pond with Catfish, and they’ll reproduce every 4 days. This allows for a consistent Catfish supply, but you need to catch a few to start.

What to Do with the Catfish in Stardew Valley

Farmer gifting a Catfish to Willy.
You can give Willy Catfish. He loves them!

If you’ve read up to this point you may be wondering what to do with the Catfish you caught. Well there are actually a few uses for this fish in Stardew Valley:

  • Sell It: The Catfish sells for 200g-600g depending on rarity and fishing level bonuses
  • Place in Bundle: The Catfish is needed for the River Fish Bundle in the Fish Tank
  • Item delivery when requested for a Help Wanted Board quest
  • Give it to Willy because he LOVES it
  • Make Recipes With It:
    • Maki Roll
    • Quality Fertilizer
    • Sashimi

This covers the essentials about the Stardew Valley Catfish, one of the fish you can catch in the game. It falls in the medium difficulty range—neither super easy nor impossible to catch.

Don’t forget to explore our Stardew Valley guide and walkthrough hub for valuable assistance in mastering this farming adventure. Within the hub, you’ll discover a diverse array of guides covering everything from quests and romances to uncovering the game’s hidden secrets.

What do you think of the Stardew Valley Catfish guide? Share your thoughts in the comments below.



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