5 Things To Do After Beating Stardew Valley

Indie game Stardew Valley is all about living the quiet farming lifestyle away from the bustle of the big city. While this sounds appealing, you’ll quickly find that life in Stardew still revolves around work. This work comes in many forms and is used to complete the game’s core quest, making your Grandfather proud. If you’ve taken the time to work your way into Grandpa’s good books, you may be wondering what’s left to do? Here are 5 things to do after beating Stardew Valley.

Become a Degenerate Gambler

If you didn’t already know, there is a casino in Stardew Valley. The Casino can be accessed by completing the Mr. Qi questline. Once the Casino is unlocked, you can spend your days gambling away your hard earned farm income. This is the ideal endgame activity. Do what many retired people do in real life, lose all your savings you spent years working for. Okay that’s a little harsh, but there are actually some benefits to gambling and these include unlocking some rare items.

Befriend People

5 Things To Do After Beating Stardew Valley

On my first playthrough of Stardew Valley, I spent the majority of time farming. This meant I neglected my relationships with the residents of Stardew. On new playthroughs I spent more time on relationships and less time farming. What I came to release was that there are a number of interesting side stories to uncover in Stardew Valley. Endgame is the perfect time to explore the complexity of many of the Stardew Valley characters. Befriend people to find out more about them (plus you get gifts like recipes which aint bad).

Complete Your Items Collection

5 Things To Do After Beating Stardew Valley

Like friendships, there are a ton of items to collect in Stardew Valley. These items range from stones and plants, to cooking dishes and archeological relics. If you need things to do after beating Stardew Valley, why not complete these collections? The amount of items you will need to grab will provide hours of extended playtime. Plus there’s achievements tied to doing this, which makes it must if you want to 100% this game.

Make Your Farm Beautiful

If you want to really extend your time in Stardew Valley, consider attempting to make the most beautiful farm layout possible. Utilize this handy online Farm Planner in order to really flush out your farm layouts. Some of the layouts I’ve seen are pure art and make me wish I was talented…

Mods, Mods, and More Mods


One of the best features of Stardew Valley on PC, is the ability to mod the game. If you’ve done everything in the game, why not take a look at some of the many mods that are out there? These mods can add tons of new content to the game and can easily pull you back in. Mods like the Tractor, completely change how things like farming are done and can allow you to bring your farm into the 21st century with automation.

Playthrough the End Game Additions in Stardew Valley 1.4 + 1.5

Featured image on What's New in Stardew Valley 1.4 post

There has been some grumbling about Stardew Valley’s end game content and ConcernedApe has addressed that. On November 26th, 2019 the game received an update dubbed 1.4. In this huge update there are a number of additions focused squarely on expanding the end game. You can read about the update here.

More recently there has been yet another large content drop dubbed Update 1.5. This update features a new location to visit called Ginger Island. This island is home to a variety of new gameplay additions, NPCs, items, crops, and more. There is a lot in this update to playthrough in Stardew Valley’s endgame.

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