Stardew Valley Casino Guide

Stardew Valley Casino.

Stardew Valley features a number of unique areas for players to visit as they explore Pelican Town and its surrounding areas. One area that players can visit is the Calico Desert which is home to a number of interesting locations including a Casino. This hidden away location allows players to gamble for coins that can be turned into prizes. To learn more about this location we’ve put together the Stardew Valley Casino guide below.

How to Get to the Casino

Stardew Valley Bus Stop.
The bus needs to be fixed to reach the Casino.

The Casino is accessible only after you complete a few key steps. These key steps involve fixing up the broken Bus at the Bus Stop either by completing the Bus through the Community Center Vault bundle or the JojaMart Community Development Form routes. Once the bus is fixed you can travel to the Calico Desert for 500g each day between 10:10am and 5:00pm.

In the Calico Desert there is a shop called The Oasis. This shop is a front for The Casino which can be entered by going into its back room. Before you can enter The Casino you need to complete “The Mysterious Qi” quest. Until that quest is completed a Bouncer stands in the entrance way to the Casino. “The Mysterious Qi” quest tasks you with completing four steps. Upon completion of the fourth step you receive the Club Card which grants you access to the Casino.

Gambling in the Casino

Once you have the Club Card go back to the Calico Desert, head into The Oasis, then go through the door leading to the back area. You will enter the Casino. The Casino’s core purpose is to gamble. You can gamble at the Casino from 9:00am-11:50pm. There two gambling games for players to take part in:

  • Slot Machines – Spin to try and create matchings lines. Can bet 10q or 100q per spin.
  • CalicoJack – A form of BlackJack. Two tables one for low stakes (100q) and one for high stakes (1000q).

In order to gamble players have to convert Gold into Qi Coins. The machine to the right of Mr. Qi allows you to do that. The ratio is 10g:1q. You can convert 1,000g to 100q at a time.

Gambling at the Casino largely comes down to Luck. Players can improve their chances of winning at the Slot Machines by going on high Daily Luck days and using Luck buffs. CalicoJack is not effected by Daily Luck or Luck buffs, but instead always slightly favors the player.

Casino Items for Purchase

Stardew Valley Casino store.
The Casino Store sells unique items.

As you gamble away in the Casino you will earn more Qi Coins. You can use these Qi Coins to purchase items exclusively available at the Casino store. To purchase items speak to the vendor in the top right corner. They sell the following items:

ItemDescriptionCost (in Qi Coins)
Primal Motion.Sculpture.5,000.
Burnt Offering.Sculpture.4,000.
Highway 89.Painting. 4,000.
Spire. Painting.3,000.
Top Hat.Hat. 8,000.
Rarecrow #3 (Alien).Part of the 8 Rarecrow set. 10,000.
Hardwood Fence.Fence. 100.
Magnet.Fishing lure. Increases chance of finding treasure. 1,000.
Warp Totem: Farm. Consumable that warps you to the Farm.500.
Modern Double Bed. Furniture. 8,000.

To purchase every major item (not including Hardwood Fence, Magnet, or Warp Totem: Farm) costs a total of 42,000 Qi Coins. With the conversion that means it is 420,000g to purchase everything without making the money through gambling.

Alongside the store items listed above there is another item players can buy in the Casino. This item is the Statue of Endless Fortune. To buy this statue speak to the NPC standing next to the potted plant. He offers to sell you the statue for 1,000,000g. Placing the Statue of Endless Fortune produces an item that a villager will love on their birthday. If there is no active birthday the statue will randomly produce one of four items per day: Diamond, Iridium Bar, Omni Geode, or Gold Bar.

Miscellaneous Casino Things

Stardew Valley Casino stats terminal.
The ‘Bear’ Stats Terminal gives you different gameplay stats.

Besides gambling and purchasing things from the Casino there are a few miscellaneous things you can find in this location. The list of things includes the following:

  • Mr. Qi: The mysterious Mr. Qi hangs out in the Casino. Can be spoken to.
  • NPCs: You will encounter different NPCs gambling. Can be spoken to.
  • Stats Terminal: Machine in the top left corner. Gives gameplay stats when interacted with.

That’s all you need to know about the Stardew Valley Casino location. This location adds a fun bit of gambling excitement to the game for those so inclined. It is also a way to acquire some unique items, not available anywhere else.

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  1. Drew says:

    thaks for the guide! I was realy in a pickle because i could not figure out what to put in the skelliton.

  2. Rob says:

    This is incorrect. You do NOT need to do the 120 mine levels, or get the key, ect ect.

    Simply put the battery in the lockbox in the tunnel at any time to begin the quest string, then do the bundles required to get to the desert.

    The 2nd half of the guide is correct however.

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