How to Get the Deluxe Scarecrow in Stardew Valley

In Stardew Valley the scarecrow serves an important purpose of keeping birds away from your crops. While the Scarecrow item is useful, you will quickly learn there are Rarecrows which spice up the look of the relatively bland object. These Rarecrows come in a number of different forms and now unlock the Deluxe Scarecrow when collected. To help you get this new 1.4 item I’ve thrown together this quick how to get the Deluxe Scarecrow in Stardew Valley guide. Let’s get started.

Where to get Every Rarecrow in Stardew Valley?

Image showing all eight Rarecrows and the Deluxe Scarecrow in Stardew Valley.

To unlock the Deluxe Scarecrow you need to first collect all Rarecrows. Rarecrows as the name suggests, are special scarecrows you can acquire across various sources. Some of these sources are a bit of a pain which adds to the rarity. In total there are 8 Rarecrows to obtain. Here’s how to get eazch one:

  1. Dapper Gentlemen: purchasable during the Stardew Valley Fair on the 16th of Fall for 800 Star Tokens.
  2. Witch: purchasable during the Spirit’s Eve festival on the 27th of Fall for 5,000g.
  3. Alien: purchasable from the Casino in Calico Desert for 10,000 Qi coins.
  4. Snowman: randomly purchasable from the Travelling Cart merchant during Fall or Winter for 4,000g.
  5. Lady Farmer: purchasable during the Flower Dance on the 24th of Spring for 2,500g.
  6. Dwarf: purchasable from the Dwarf for 2,500g.
  7. Mouse: donate 20 Artifacts to the Museum.
  8. Tiki Head: donate 40 items to the Museum.

Once you’ve collected all of the Rarecrows listed above you will be able to unlock the Deluxe Scarecrow blueprint.

How to Unlock the Deluxe Scarecrow?

Image showing the letter receive for collecting all of the Rarecrows in Stardew Valley.

Once you’ve gatehred the Rarecrows above pass the time until you receive a letter from The Z.C. Rarecrow Society. This letter states the following:

Dear <Farmer Name>

Your dedication is truly impressive…

Only a select few manage to acquire the complete Rarecrow collection!

Please accept this blueprint to commemorate your achievement.

The Z.C. Rarecrow Society

Attached to the letter you will receive the Deluxe Scarecrow recipe. To craft this recipe you need to have the following materials:

  • 50x Wood.
  • 1x Iridium Ore.
  • 40x Fibre.

When ready you can craft this Deluxe Scarecrow from your Crafting Screen. When placed the Deluxe Scarecrow covers about 16 Tiles. This Scarecrow has double the radius of a normal Scarecrow. Not bad at all.

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