Stardew Valley Shortcuts Community Upgrade

After you’ve completed the Community Center or Joja Warehouse and updated your Farmhouse fully you will unlock Community Upgrades for purchase that the Carpenter’s Shop. The first of these upgrades builds Pam a house while the second unlocks shortcuts around the town for 300,000g. Once built these shortcuts can help you move around the valley more quickly, but they are kind of hidden. All of the Town Shortcuts in Stardew Valley are shown in the guide below.

Shortcut 1: Cindersnap Forest and The Beach

Image showing the shortcut between Cindersnap Forest and The Beach in Stardew Valley.
Shortcut leading between Cindersnap Forest and the Beach.

The first shortcut makes it possible to travel between Cindersnap Forest and The Beach relatively easily. This shortcut is located just southeast of Leah’s Cabin. Walk along the river here to reach The Beach. Alternatively you can use this shortcut to reach Cindersnap Forest from The Beach.

Shortcut 2: Town and Tide Pools

Image showing the shortcut between the Town and Tide Pool in Stardew Valley. n
Shortcut leading between Town and Tide Pools.

This shortcut is located in the Town to the south of the Archeology and Library building. Walk along the fenced area to reach a narrow path leading south. Follow the path to reach the Tide Pools section of The Beach. This shortcut allows you to skip fixing the beach plank altogether.

Shortcut 3: Town and The Mountains

Image showing the shortcut between the Town and The Mountains in Stardew Valley.
Shortcut leading between Town and the Mountains.

The next shortcut is to the north of Joja Mart or the Movie Theater. Walk along the east bank of the river until you reach the transition between Town and The Mountains. Continue north to reach The Mountains. This shortcut allows you to easily get to and from the Quarry and town fairly quickly.

Shortcut 4: Plank to Adventurer’s Guild

Image showing the plank shortcut in The Mountains to the Adventurer's Guild.
Shortcut plank to Adventurer’s Guild.

The shortcut can be located in The Mountains area. Make your way to The Mountain Lake and head onto the little island in the center of it. Once the shortcut is built you will locate a new plank has been added leading to the Adventurer’s Guild. This plank is too small to ride your horse across it.

Shortcut 5: Stairs from Tunnel Road to Backwoods

Image showing the stair shortcut from the Tunnel Road to the Backwoods in Stardew Valley.
Shortcut stairs leading to road.

The final shortcut is located near your farm. This shortcut is a set of stairs that appears connecting the road by the tunnel to the Backwoods area. This shortcut is the most obvious one that is built in the game.

These shortcuts are one of the many new additions added in the Stardew Valley 1.5 update. Other additions include the Ginger Island, Ostriches, an NPC named Leo, and more. Check out the guides linked for more details.

Check out more guides like this one in our Stardew Valley guide and walkthrough hub. Here you will find all of the guides that we’ve written for this game.

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