Stardew Valley Community Upgrades

The Community Upgrades for sale at Robin's Carpenter Shop in Stardew Valley.

Stardew Valley Community Upgrades are special upgrades players can buy from Robin’s Carpenter’s Shop that make changes to Pelican Town. These updates offering unique changes to the map and also some additional storylines. To learn everything you need to know about the Community Upgrades, and what they do, see our guide below.

How to Unlock Community Upgrades at Robin’s

To unlock Community Upgrades in Stardew Valley players need to fully upgrade the Farm House and complete either the Community Center or Joja Warehouse buildings.

Once these two requirements are met, visit the Carpenter’s Shop, where Robin will offer you the first of two Community Upgrades for purchase.

Buying the first upgrade, Pam’s House, and it getting completed unlocks the second upgrade for purchase.

Community Upgrade 1: Build Pam a House

The first Community Upgrade presented to the player is to build Pam a house to replace her trailer. This Community Upgrade costs 500,000g and 950 Wood to purchase. Once the farmer pays for the upgrade, it takes 3 days for Robin to finish construction of it.

Once Pam’s house is completed, players can enter Pelican Town from the Bus Stop area to trigger a special cutscene, as shown in the video from our Hold To Reset channel above.

During this cutscene, when Robin asks, “Do you want me to tell them you paid for this?“, the player can choose from a couple of dialogue options:

  • Yes, of course!
  • No, I’d rather remain anonymous

Selecting each of these choices causes the cutscene to play out differently. The video above shows you the results of your selections and the ensuing cutscene that you see.

An interesting change that occurs when Pam’s house is built is that the address changes. On the map, the “Trailer” changes to “2 River Road” (source).

This Community Upgrade had been a long-requested feature players from the community have wanted ConcernedApe to add to the game. It was finally added to the game in update 1.3.27.

Community Upgrade 2: Shortcuts Around the Valley

The Community Upgrade 2 Shortcuts for sale at Robin's Carpenter's Shop in Stardew Valley.
The second Community Upgrade unlocks Shortcuts around the valley.

Upon completing Pam’s House, you will unlock the second Community Upgrade at the Carpenter’s Shop. This second Community Upgrade costs 300,000g and, when purchased, builds five Shortcuts around Stardew Valley. It takes 3 days for the Shortcuts to be built.

Once complete the Shortcuts provide access to or within the following areas:

  1. Cindersnap Forest to Beach
  2. Pelican Town to Beach
  3. Stairs in Backwoods leading to road
  4. Mountain plank
  5. Pelican Town to Mountains (redone in Update 1.6)

If you wish to see the before and after of the Shortcuts once they are built, check out our Shortcuts guide for photos of each one.

Be sure to check out our other guides for Stardew Valley. We’ve created a bunch of posts to help you on your journey to become a successful farmer.

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