Stardew Valley Pam’s House Community Upgrade

Pam's House in Stardew Valley.

Pam’s House in Stardew Valley is a unique building players can construct through Community Upgrades. This upgrade transforms her trailer into a home and unlocks a special cutscene, offering additional lore for the character. To learn more about Stardew Valley Pam’s House, see our guide below for details.

How to Build Pam a House

To construct a house for Pam, you must unlock Community Upgrades at the Carpenter’s Shop. This requires fully upgrading your Farm House and completing either the Community Center or the Joja Mart buildings.

The Community Upgrades for sale at Robin's Carpenter Shop in Stardew Valley.
Select Community Upgrades at Robin’s.

Once you’ve fulfilled these requirements, visit Robin at the Carpenter’s Shop while she’s working. Speak to her there, and you’ll discover a new option on her menu for Community Upgrades. Select this option to be prompted to do the first upgrade which is to build Pam a house.

To build Pam’s House, you need to provide Robin with resources. Pam’s House costs 500,000g and 950 Wood to purchase. Once you pay for the upgrade, it takes 3 days for Robin to complete construction.

When the house is built, it works like other houses in the valley. You can go inside it like any other house. Inside, there are rooms for Pam and Penny, a kitchen, a reading area, and a living room. Building the house also changes its address on the map from “Trailer” to “2 River Road”.

Showing Pam Her New House Cutscene

As I mentioned earlier, there is a cutscene associated with building the house for Pam. Once you’ve paid and three days have passed, enter Pelican Town from the Bus Stop. Doing this triggers a scene featuring Robin, Penny, Pam, and the Farmer.

During this cutscene, when Robin asks, “Do you want me to tell them you paid for this?“, the player can choose from a couple of dialogue options:

  • Yes, of course!
  • No, I’d rather remain anonymous

Each choice leads to a slightly different interaction between the group during the scene. The above video from our Hold To Reset channel shows what happens after each selection.

Are There Any Benefits from Building Pam’s House?

Constructing Pam’s house requires a significant investment of resources. However, it’s a worthwhile investment because it unlocks two valuable benefits for players. Firstly, building the house increases your relationship with Pam by 4 hearts. Secondly, it unlocks the second set of Community Upgrades, which, when built, create 5 shortcuts around the valley.

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