Stardew Valley Mole Puzzle Solution

On Stardew Valley’s Ginger Island players are tasked with finding Golden Walnuts. These Golden Walnuts are hidden across a variety of different activities including a puzzle on the west side of the island featuring a mole. This mole is a shifty bugger that you need to bonk, whack-a-mole style. To learn the Stardew Valley mole puzzle solution see our guide below.

Where to find the Mole On Ginger Island

Before you can solve this puzzle you first need to gain access to it. When you arrive on Ginger Island you will notice a turtle on the main beach blocking an entrance. Give the nearby parrot 10x Golden Walnuts to get it to move the turtle, allowing you to access the west part of the island.

Image showing the mole puzzle on Ginger Island in Stardew Valley.
The Mole Puzzle.

On the west part of the island you will find the farmhouse. Head to the southwest of the farmhouse, cross the river, and you will reach the beach. Here you will find the mole and the five holes it can come out of. To complete the puzzle you need to whack the mole. There are two methods you can use.

Mole Puzzle Solution 1: Placeable Objects

Image showing placing objects on the mole hole to trap it allowing players to bonk it in Stardew Valley.
Trap the mole in one hole.

The first solution involves using placeable objects. If you’ve done the Mermaid Song quest in the southeast part of the island the 5x Flute Blocks work well here. Take the placeable objects and place them on three of the holes. This traps the mole in one of the holes. While the mole is trapped use an axe, pickaxe, or watering can to bonk it.

Mole Puzzle Solution 2: Copper or Higher Watering Can

Image showing using a charged watering can attack to get the mole on Ginger Island in Stardew Valley.
Use a charged watering can attack to get the mole.

The second solution is much simpler and easier to do. All you need to have ability for this solution is a watering can of Copper quality or higher. Since the upgraded cans have a charge ability you can stand away from the mole, charge the can, then bonk it out of the hole. The screenshot above shows me doing it with a Copper Can, but higher quality works just as well.

Regardless of the puzzle solution you use the result is always the same. You get 1x Golden Walnuts for solving the mole puzzle. This is one of multiple puzzles players must solve on Ginger Island. Nearby by the farmhouse there is a cave you can enter with a frog that makes crop requests.

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