How to Get Treasure Totem in Stardew Valley

Ring of Artifact Spots that appears around the player when they use the Treasure Totem.

The Treasure Totem in Stardew Valley is a craftable Totem item that players can acquire as of Update 1.6. This totem, when used, causes digable treasure spots to appear in a circle around the player, which is handy for making money or finding items to donate to the Museum. If you’re unsure how to get the Treasure Totem item, follow this guide.

Unlock the Treasure Totem Recipe and Craft It

Foraging Master unlocks list in Stardew Valley.
The Treasure Totem recipe is one of the Foraging Mastery unlocks.

To acquire the Treasure Totem, you first need to unlock its recipe in the Mastery system introduced in Update 1.6. This system enables players to unlock special Masteries from the Mastery Cave, and you specifically need to unlock the Foraging Mastery.

Once you’ve unlocked the Treasure Totem Recipe, the next step is to craft it. The recipe requires the following materials:

  • Hardwood x5
  • Mystic Syrup x1
  • Moss x10

When you have the required materials navigate to the crafting menu, find the Treasure Totem recipe, craft it, and place it wherever you desire.

What Does the Treasure Totem Do?

The Treasure Totem is a consumable Totem item that, when used on tillable ground, summons a circle of Artifact Spots around the player. These Artifact Spots can be dug up using the hoe to receive any standard Artifact Spot drops. Using this item can be a good way to earn gold, Mystery Boxes, and artifacts for the Museum.

The Treasure Totem is not the only new addition to Stardew Valley. Players can now purchase Spouse Portraits to hang on the wall and change the look of their Bobber for added visual flair to fishing.

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