Stardew Valley Mayor’s Shorts Quest Guide

On Summer day 3 players receive a letter from Mayor Lewis asking for help finding his missing shorts. Upon reading this letter the special Mayor’s Shorts side quest is added to your Journal. To complete this side quest you need to find and return the shorts to Lewis. The Stardew Valley Mayor’s Shorts quest guide below will help you complete this side quest.

Where are Mayor Lewis’ Shorts?

Image showing the location of Mayor Lewis' Shorts in Stardew Valley's Marnie's Ranch.
Mayor Lewis’s shorts location.

Finding the shorts may seem like a simple fetch quest, but there is actually a bit of work to be done before you can actually get them. The shorts Mayor Lewis’ ‘lost’ happen to be in Marnie’s room. This makes things a bit complicated as you can’t enter NPC’s rooms without first building a relationship with them. In this case you need to reach 2+ hearts with her. To do this you will want to gift her items she likes/loves:


  • Diamond.
  • Farmer’s Lunch.
  • Pink Cake.
  • Pumpkin Pie.


  • All Eggs and Milks.
  • Quartz.
  • All Universal Likes.

Additionally you can improve your relationship by completing any Help Wanted/Quests Marnie offers you. Once you build up your relationship you can enter the room and grab the Lucky Purple Shorts.

What to Do with the Lucky Purple Shorts?

Image showing the 750g reward for Mayor's Shorts side quest in Stardew Valley.
Mayor Lewis’s shorts quest reward.

Once you’ve acquired the Lucky Purple Shorts you can complete the quest by returning the Lucky Purple Shorts to Mayor Lewis. This ends the side quest and rewards you with 750g for your efforts (and discretion). If that outcome is not to your liking there are a few secrets you can trigger by hanging onto the shorts (via Stardew Valley wiki):

  • Give to Lewis while he’s on Ginger Island for him to wear them as beach attire.
  • Put in Luau Soup for unique response from Lewis and the Governor.
  • Put in Stardew Valley Fair grange to get 750 Star Tokens from Lewis and a unique dialogue with Marnie.
  • Can be tailored with Gold Bar to produce Trimmed Lucky Purple Shorts. Wear them when speaking to Lewis or Marnie for special interactions.

Regardless of the outcome you decide, the Mayor’s ‘Shorts’ side quest is an interesting quest. The implications of the relationship between Lewis and Marnie have very interesting lore connotations for those that like to deep dive into stuff like that.

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