How to Get the Dark Sword in Stardew Valley

In Stardew Valley update 1.4 ConcernedApe added a number of new additions to the popular farming title. These updates ranged from simple items to more complex buildings and relationship events. One addition that has long been in the game, but inaccessible is the Dark Sword. This new blade has been around since 1.0, but is finally obtainable thanks to the 1.4 update. To get the sword for your self, use the how to get the Dark Sword in Stardew Valley guide below.

Where to Get the Dark Sword?

Image showing the entrance to the Quarry Mine in Stardew Valley.

Image showing the Haunted Skull enemies in Stardew Valley.

To get this new blade you need to enter the new Quarry Mine dungeon that was added in 1.4. As the name suggests the entrance to this dungeon can be found inside the Quarry. Inside the Quarry Mine you want to farm the Haunted Skulls, which are new enemies in 1.4. The Haunted Skulls have the chance of dropping the Dark Sword. Simply farm the Haunted Skulls until you get the Dark Sword to drop.

What Does the Dark Sword Do?

Image showing the Dark Sword dropped in the Quarry Mine in Stardew Valley.

The Dark Sword is a Level 8 sword with the following stats:

  • 30-45 Damage.
  • 5% Critical Strike Chance
  • Stats: -5 Speed; +5 Weight.
  • This Sword can only be found as a drop. It sells for 400g.
  • Has 8% chance of returning health to player from enemies hit by it.

As a new sword the Dark Sword is an interesting early game weapon for players to grab quickly in their Stardew Valley playthrough. With that said if you are already in the end game this sword will make little difference in combat. You’re better off using the Galaxy Sword instead. Let me know what you think of this blade in the comments section below.

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