How to Romance Penny in Stardew Valley

How to Romance Penny in Stardew Valley

Like the Harvest Moon series, Stardew Valley has a large pool of marriage candidates for all your loving needs. Who you decide to hunker down with comes down to which eligible single catches your eye. As there are a bunch of candidates, I have been putting together some guides to help you in securing the partner you want. Below is a guide on how to romance Penny in Stardew Valley.

Who is Penny?

How to Romance Penny in Stardew Valley

Penny lives with her mom, Pam, in a little trailer by the river. While Pam is out carousing at the saloon, Penny quietly tends to her chores in the dim, stuffy room she is forced to call home. She is shy and modest, without any grand ambitions for life other than settling in and starting a family. She likes to cook (although her skills are questionable) and read books from the local library.” (Dev Update #12)

Penny is the resident bookworm in Pelican Town, and can often be found reading in town. When not reading, Penny tutors Jas and Vincent in The Museum (not during the summer). If Penny is not reading or tutoring, she can be found in her trailer with her mother Pam.

Where can Penny be Found?

As mentioned above, Penny likes to read. This means she can often be found at The Museum in Pelican Town, where she is either tutoring or reading. The Museum is located in the lower right corner (below the blacksmith) of the town.

When not in The Museum, Penny can usually be found inside the trailer she shares with Pam. The trailer can be located by heading to the right of the Stardrop Saloon.

What to Give Penny?

How to Romance Penny in Stardew Valley

Like everyone in Pelican Town, Penny is also incredibly materialistic. This means you can win here friendship and also her hand in marriage by simply giving her enough stuff. But what kind of stuff you may ask. Let me tell you. The best gifts to give Penny are: DiamondEmerald, Melon, Poppy, Poppyseed Muffin, Red Plate, Roots Platter, Sandfish, and Tom Kha Soup. Giving Penny any of these items will improve your relationship with her. Keep in mind that on Penny’s birthday (2nd of Fall) gifts given have 8x the effect, so use this to your advantage.

Penny Heart Events

Penny has a total of 5 Heart Events over the course of raising her love meter. Each Heart Event tells a snippet of Penny’s story. To see all 5 Heart Events for Penny, check out the video below. Beneath the video, you will find a guide to unlocking each Heart Event.

To see Penny’s Heart Events do the following:

2 Hearts Event: Enter Pelican Town on sunny day between 9am and 2pm.

4 Hearts Event: Enter Penny’s trailer when she’s home.

6 Hearts Event: Enter Penny’s trailer when she’s home.

8 Hearts Event: Go to Cindersap Forest between 9am and 4pm.

10 Hearts Event: After receiving a letter from Penny, head to the pool area of the spa between 7pm and midnight.

Once you have reached 10 hearts with Penny, you can decide if you want to marry her or keep her comfortably in the friendzone. If you do decide to marry, simply buy the Mermaid’s Pendant from the Old Mariner on the beach for 5000 gold. The Old Mariner only appears on rainy days and never appears in Winter. Take the pendant to Penny and propose.

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What did you think of this how to Romance Penny in Stardew Valley guide? What is your approach? Let me know in the Pit below.


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