Stardew Valley Sprinklers Guide

The Sprinklers on the Recipe screen in Stardew Valley.

Farming is pivotal in Stardew Valley, enabling you to cultivate crops for profit. Efficient crop growth requires a disciplined watering routine, and using sprinklers can significantly ease this task. Delve into this guide for comprehensive insights into Stardew Valley Sprinklers.

What Do Sprinklers Do in Stardew Valley

In Stardew Valley, you can water crops manually with the Watering Can or opt for automatic irrigation using Sprinklers. Sprinklers are placeable objects that efficiently water a designated set of tiles daily. The better the quality of Sprinkler you use the more tiles it can water each day, making watering more effective.

Sprinkler Types

  • Sprinkler
  • Quality Sprinkler
  • Iridium Sprinkler

By employing the different types of Sprinklers, you can establish an auto-watering system on your farm. This significantly simplifies farming, reducing the energy expended on crop management.

How Do You Get a Sprinkler in Stardew Valley

In order to get a Sprinkler to use on your farm you need to level up the Farming skill. At certain levels in the Farming skill tree you will unlock a Sprinkler blueprint, allowing you to craft those Sprinkler types if you have the required recipe resources.

Sprinkler Recipe (unlocks at Farming Level 2)

  • 1x Copper Bar
  • 1x Iron Bar

Quality Sprinkler Recipe (Unlocks at Farming Level 6)

  • 1x Iron Bar
  • 1x Gold Bar
  • 1x Refined Quartz

Iridium Sprinkler Recipe (Unlocks at Farming Level 9)

  • 1x Gold Bar
  • 1x Iridium Bar
  • 1x Battery Pack

After unlocking a recipe from the above list, use the Crafting Menu to create the Sprinkler. Once crafted it can be placed anywhere except on sand. Ideally, position it near things like crops or the Slime Hutch troughs which require watering daily.

Sprinkler Tile Reach (Base)

The different base watering patterns of the Sprinklers in Stardew Valley.
The base watering patterns of the Sprinklers.

As previously mentioned, each type of Sprinkler offers distinct watering coverage measured in tiles. The basic Sprinkler efficiently waters the 4 adjacent tiles every morning, while the Quality Sprinkler extends its coverage to the 8 adjacent tiles. The advanced Iridium Sprinkler surpasses both, providing irrigation to an 24 adjacent tiles every morning. To visualize the watering patterns of all three, the screenshot above offers a look at each’s watering pattern.

What Does the Pressure Nozzle Do

The different watering patterns of the Sprinklers with the Pressure Nozzle attached in Stardew Valley.
The watering pattern of Sprinklers with the Pressure Nozzle equipped.

In the Stardew Valley 1.5 update, a new area called Ginger Island was added. On this island, you’ll find Mr. Qi’s shop, where special items, including the Pressure Nozzle, are sold. These items cost 20 Qi Gems per 4x.

The Pressure Nozzle is a useful tool that can be attached to Sprinklers, increasing their watering range. With the Pressure Nozzle, the basic Sprinkler covers a 3×3 tile area, the Quality Sprinkler extends to 5×5, and the advanced Iridium Sprinkler reaches a 7×7 tile radius. The screenshot above shows the Sprinklers with a Pressure Nozzle attached.

What Does the Enricher Do

Another item available for purchase at Mr. Qi’s Shop is the Enricher, obtainable for 20 Qi Gems per 4x. Similar to the Pressure Nozzle, the Enricher is placed on a Sprinkler. Once attached, you can load it with Fertilizer, and it will automatically apply the fertilizer to the surrounding tiles when you plant seeds.

An essential point to note about both the Pressure Nozzle and the Enricher is that only one of these Sprinkler attachments can be active on a Sprinkler at a time. This means you’ll have to make a decision between the two based on your specific needs and preferences for optimizing your crop irrigation system.

That’s all you need to know about the Stardew Valley Sprinklers. These items can drastically increase the efficiency of farming if you know how to use them correctly.

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