Cuphead Walkthrough and Guide

The StudioMDHR title, Cuphead, is finally out! With Cuphead out, that means I can finally take a deep dive into the crazy world of old timey cartoons and twin stick shooting. This game features a main story to complete and secrets to uncover. To help you complete this game check out the Cuphead walkthrough and guide below.

Cuphead Main Story Guides

Image showing the Cuphead logo.
Image via StudioMDHR.

In Cuphead there is a main story that players can complete. This story tasks you with exploring three islands called Inkwell Isle III. Once you complete three islands you enter Inkwell Hell where you faceoff against the game’s main bad guy, the Devil.

The game takes anywhere from 10-24 hours to complete and is split up into three worlds and the finale. The guides below will walk you through this different locations and the levels inside of them.

1. Gameplay Basics2. Inkwell Isle I3. Inkwell Isle II
4. Inkwell Isle III5. Inkwell HellEndings
End Game

Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course DLC Guides

Image showing the Cuphead The Delicious Last Course logo.
Image via StudioMDHR.

Following the success of Cuphead StudioMDHR announced DLC for the game. 5 years later the DLC was released. Called The Delicious Last Course this DLC content added an entirely new island, new bosses, a new story, and secrets to find. The guides below will help you complete the DLC and its content.

How to start the DLCInkwell Isle IVHidden Coin & Shortcuts
Secret BossThe Hollowing Aces Secret PhaseDivine Relic
Chalice FilterEnding

MISC Guides

There are a number of aspects to the game outside of just the main story and the DLC. This section of the guide contains links to those aspects of the game. You will find secrets, boss lists, item lists, game endings, and more below.

Bosses listItems ListLevels List
Hidden Coins2 Strip Mode unlockBlack and White Mode unlock

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