Cuphead Walkthrough Guide

My second most hyped game of 2017, Cuphead, is finally out! With Cuphead out, that means I can finally take a deep dive into the crazy world of old timey cartoons and twin stick shooting. As I make my way through the game, I will be updating this Cuphead walkthrough guide, so come back often!

Cuphead Walkthrough Guide

1. The Basics

2. World 1: Inkwell Isle I

3. World 2: Inkwell Isle II

4. World 3: Inkwell Isle III

5. Finale: Inkwell Hell



1. What is Cuphead?

2. Cuphead Streams

3. Cuphead Boss List

4. Cuphead Item List

5. Game Ending

6. Things to do after beating Cuphead

7. Hidden Coins


This Cuphead walkthrough guide is now complete! Let me know what needs tweaked in The Pit below.


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