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When you finish Cuphead, you’ll probably notice a few percentage points missing in your game completion. This is perfectly okay and mainly comes down to hidden coins located around each overworld. Collecting all the hidden coins and completing all the Run ‘N’ Gun levels will allow you to purchase everything in the shop. Below you will find all the Cuphead hidden coin locations.

Inkwell Isle I Hidden Coins Locations

The first overworld you visit in the Cuphead base game is called Inkwell Isle I. This overworld features two hidden coins for players to find. The locations of these hidden coins detailed below.

Tutorial Coin

Image showing the Cuphead Tutorial levelcoin.
Tutorial hidden coin location.

The first hidden coin can is located in the game’s tutorial level. The tutorial level is accessed inside of the Elder Kettle’s house where you start the game. Interact with the blank canvas on the table to playthrough the tutorial level. During this level you will have to grab a coin off of a block.

Hidden Coin Behind Chip

Image showing the NPC named Chip and the hidden coin behind him.
Hidden coin behind Chip.

As you advance through the Inkwell Isle I overworld you will encounter an axe NPC named Chip. Chip is standing next to a forest. Beat every boss in this world (5 total) to force Chip to move. Walk behind where Chip was standing to reach the hidden coin.

Inkwell Isle II Hidden Coins Locations

The second overworld you visit after Inkwell Isle I is Inkwell Isle II. This overworld is larger than the first one, and it features more hidden coins to find. There are a total of three coins to find on this map. The locations are shown below.

Hidden Coin from NPC Ginger

Near the Run ‘N’ Gun level in the northwestern part of Inkwell Isle II you will encounter an NPC named Ginger. Speak to Ginger and she asks you to find a shortcut. Walk up to the birdhouse and go behind it next to the mountain. Push the interact button when prompted to use the shortcut. Return to Ginger and speak with her to get a hidden coin.

Hidden Coin from Buster

Next to the Fiery Frolic boss level you will see an NPC juggling. Speak to Buster and he will challenge you to Parry four times in a row without touching the ground. Complete this challenge and he will give you a hidden coin.

Green Shack

Image showing the hidden coin by the green shack on Inkwell Isle II.
The Green Shack hidden coin.

The final coin on this overworld is located near the exit to Inkwell Isle III. Near the Die House there is a green shack. Approach this green shack and you should pick up the coin. If not try to interact with it.

Inkwell Isle III Hidden Coin

The last large overworld you visit is Inkwell Isle III. This overworld is very large and full of twisting paths. While it would seem like there are a number of coins on this map, there is only one to find.

Stand Behind Shop

Image showing the location of the hidden coin on Inkwell Isle III.
The stand hidden coin.

The hidden coin is located by the stand pictured above. This stand is behind the shop cart. To reach it you need to either go along the dock’s path or head down from the theater.

Inkwell Hell Hidden Coin

The last area you visit in base Cuphead is Inkwell Hell. This overworld map is small and only features two levels to complete. On this map there is one hidden coin for you to find.

Hidden Coin by Stairs to Casino

In Inkwell Hell there is a Casino players can enter to reach a boss fight with King Dice. Instead of entering walk up and right so you are standing next to the dice decorations. In the little alcove you will find the hidden coin.

That’s every Cuphead hidden coin locations. Collecting every hidden coin and coin from the Run and Gun levels will allow you to purchase all items from Porkrind’s Emporium. This unlocks the Butter-and-egg-man achievement. For more guides check out our Cuphead walkthrough and guide hub.

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