5 Things to Do After Beating Cuphead

You did it. You made it all the way to Cuphead‘s finale and beat The Devil himself. With souls saved, you may be wondering what to do next? Good question random internet person. As I usually do, I like to investigate things to do after beating a game and Cuphead is no different. Here are 5 things to do after beating Cuphead.

Collect Any Hidden Coins You Missed

You may have made it to the end of Cuphead a little light in the coins department. This is totally understandable as some of the coins in Cuphead are a pain to fine. Fear not as I have put together a trusty coin guide to help you track down all of those pesky hidden overworld coins.

Playthrough Cuphead on Expert

Image showing the Cuphead Expert level selection screen.
The ‘expert’ difficulty.

If you didn’t find your first playthrough of Cuphead all that challenging, there is an Expert mode you unlock upon beating the game. This mode ramps up the difficulty even further and makes things… Harder. Just the idea of this mode existing already has me crying tears of salty rage. Beating Cuphead on Expert mode unlocks the Beat The Devil at His Own Game achievement. Speaking of achievements…

Unlock Achievements

An image showing a Cuphead Steam achievement.
A Steam achievement.

Games like Cuphead like to separate the gaming plebs from the gaming gods. One way Cuphead does this is through a number of relatively challenging achievements. Unlocking things like A rankings in every world, or an S rank in a level are going to require a bit of grinding. What better time to grind these out then at the game’s end?

Complete NPC Quests You Missed

Image showing the Barbershop quartet in Cuphead.
The Barbershop Quartet NPCs.

You may have noticed a number of NPCs throughout each world. Many of these NPCs have ‘quests’ for you to beat. These quests are tied to many of the game’s hidden achievements and need to be accomplished reach 100% completion. Many of the quests are simple, but some get pretty tricky to pull off. In the endgame you can still complete these side quests.

Play Co-Op With a Friend

Image showing co-op in Cuphead.
Image via StudioMDHR.

Now that you’ve completed the game, why not bring a friend through it? I got a chance to sit down with Freakship and play a bit of couch Co-Op and I can say it changes the game tremendously. I may be delusional (or maybe Freakship is just terrible), but Cuphead seems to get harder on Co-Op. Try it out and see.

Play The Delicious Last Course DLC

Image showing Cuphead The Delicious Last Course DLC logo.
Image via StuioMDHR.

It took StudioMDHR 5 years to add DLC content to Cuphead, but on June 30th they finally released it. This new expansion added a new island to the game called Inkwell Isle IV. This island features new bosses, new items, and secrets to find. If you beat the game this content is designed for you.

There you have it, 5 things to do after beating Cuphead. Hopefully this list helps you extend the life of this beautiful game. For more guides like this one head on over to our Cuphead walkthrough and guide hub.

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