Cuphead The Delicious Last Course Items List

In Cuphead The Delicious Last Course there are a number of new items players can unlock to use. These items fall into the shot and charm category and they will help you as you playthrough the DLC. To help keep track of them all see our complete Cuphead The Delicious Last Course items list below.

New Items in Cuphead The Delicious Last Course

Image showing one of the new items in Cuphead The Delicious Last Course.
Crackshot in Porkrind’s Emporium.

Items you get in The Delicious Last Course come from a few different sources. The first source is the NPC Saltbaker. The second source is by purchasing them from Porkrind’s Emporium. And the third source is unlocking them. The items you can get in the DLC and what they do are listed in the table below.

ItemCostWhat it Does
Astral Cookie (Charm)Free from Saltbaker. Play as Ms. Chalice.
Heart Ring (Charm)3 Coins. Gain 1 HP on your first, third, and sixth parry.
Broken Relic (Charm)1 Coin.A simple bauble of unknown origin. Used to solve the Graveyard puzzle. Turns into Cursed Relic.
Cursed Relic (Charm)Complete the Angel & Devil boss fight.Jinxed curio that inflicts various status ailments.
Divine Relic (Charm)Defeat 7 bosses on regular or harder with the Cursed Relic equipped.Wondrous talisman that grants a variety of abilities.
Crackshot (Shot)4 Coins.Straight shot with good damage. Breaks into weaker aimed projectiles. EX: P. Turret.
Converge (Shot)4 Coins.Full-screen piercing 3-way shot. Hold lock button to narrow spread. EX: Electro-Bolt.
Twist-Up (Shot)4 Coins. Rapid-fire shot with arced pathway and average damage. EX: Cyclone Spiral.
Chalice (Filter)Complete the cactus’s challenge.Changes the look of Ms. Chalice when equipped.

As you traverse Inkwell Isle IV you will earn coins. These coins can be used to buy many of the above listed items. These items are well worth acquiring to use during the DLC. They are designed to make the levels a bit easier or the game more interesting.

Ingredients in The Delicious Last Course

Image showing the Icy Sugar Cubes in Cuphead The Delicious Last Course.
Ingredient: Icy Sugar Cubes.

The main storyline for the Cuphead DLC is to acquire ingredients for Chef Saltbaker to make a Wondertart. These ingredients are held by the five main bosses in the game. While not a usable item, they are still a collectible needed to complete the story.

Distillery DoughMoonshine Mob.
Gnome BerriesGlumstone the Giant.
Desert LimesEsther Winchester.
Icy Sugar CubesMortimer Freeze.
Pineapple MintThe Howling Aces.

Once you’ve gathered all of the ingredients listed above you will are able to challenge the DLC’s final boss. Upon completion of this final boss you will beat the DLC and the credits will roll.

This guide is part of our Cuphead guide and walkthrough. Check out the hub page to see all the available guides we have for this game including the for this DLC.

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