Divine Relic Charm – Cuphead The Delicious Last Course

In the Cuphead DLC, The Delicious Last Course, there is a special Charm you can get called the Divine Relic. This Charm is super interesting and rather well hidden. To help you get the Divine Relic Charm for yourself see our guide below.

Get the Cursed Relic Charm

Image showing the Cursed Relic in Cuphead.
Cursed Relic description.

The first step in getting the hidden Divine Relic Charm is to get the Cursed Relic Charm. This Charm is acquired by completing the Graveyard puzzle on Inkwell Isle IV. Once you complete this puzzle you fight a boss duo of an Angel & Devil. Defeating this duo gets you the Cursed Relic Charm.

When the Cursed Relic Charm is equipped you have only 1 HP (but can parry for hearts) and your equipped shot and Charm type switch each time you stop shooting or dash. This makes it the ideal Charm for some type of challenge run which is exactly what we are going to do.

Defeat 7 Bosses with the Cursed Relic Charm Equipped

Image showing fighting a boss with the Cursed Relic equipped.
Fighting with the Cursed Relic equipped.

The second step in getting the hidden Divine Relic Charm is to defeat 7 bosses with the Cursed Relic Charm equipped. Keep in mind that the bosses must be on Regular difficulty or higher. As you defeat the bosses the Cursed Relic Charm will change. After the seventh boss is defeated it will change into the Divine Relic Charm.

The easiest method to do this is to start on Inkwell Isle I and work your way through the lower difficulty bosses. You can then switch to the Casino on Inkwell Hell and work your way through the mini-bosses before King Dice. It shouldn’t be much of a problem if you’ve completed the DLC content.

What Does the Divine Relic Charm Do?

Image showing the Divine Relic description in Cuphead DLC.
The Divine Relic item description.

Once you get the Divine Relic Charm you will gain the benefits of the Cursed Relic Charm’s weapon changing, but without the health penalty. This means you start with 3 hp and still cycle through Shots and Charms during your run. It has the following item description: “Wondrous talisman that grants a variety of abilities.”

This is just one of a few secrets to unlock in the game. Learn how to get the Ms. Chalice golden skin or trigger The Howling Aces secret phase. For more guides check out our Cuphead guide and walkthrough. In it you will find a variety of guide for both the base game and the DLC content. Check it out for more help.

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