How to Unlock the Gold Ms Chalice Skin in Cuphead

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In the Cuphead DLC, The Delicious Last Course, there is a female cactus NPC on Inkwell Isle IV. This character is sitting by a campfire. When you speak to her she tells you it would be great if she could tell a stories of different bosses being defeated. This is a hint for a secret. Continue reading to learn how to unlock the Gold Ms Chalice Skin in Cuphead.

Defeat All Bosses with Ms. Chalice for the Cactus NPC

The female cactus NPC serves as a guide when you speak with her. Each time you talk to her she mentions a story she wishes she could tell. These stories are tied to boss fights you must complete as Ms. Chalice. You will have to fight every boss in the game. Keep in mind you can do it on any difficulty Simple/Normal/Expert. The dialogue hints she gives for each boss are as follows:

Inkwell Isle I

I’d sure love to tell…Boss
‘The tale of the villanious veggies vanquished.’The Root Pack.
‘The tale of that slime smashed silly.’Goopy Le Grande.
‘The tale of the busted-up blimp.’Hilda Berg.
‘The tale of the felonious flower felled.’Cagney Carnation.
‘The tale of the trounced tadpoles.’Ribby and Croaks.

Inkwell Isle II

I’d sure love to tell…Boss
‘The tale of the countess’s sugar crash.’Baroness Von Bon Bon.
‘The tale of the creepy clown gone kaput.’Beppi the Clown.
‘The tale of the meanie genie sent up in smoke.’Djimm the Great.
‘The tale of the fire breather extinguished.’Grim Matchstick.
‘The tale of how the bird got his wings clipped.’Wally Warbles.

Inkwell Isle III

I’d sure love to tell…Boss
‘The tale of the bad bee buzzed off.’Rumor Honeybottoms.
‘The tale of the pirate walking the plank.’Captain Brineybeard.
‘The tale of the upstaged drama queen.’Sally Stageplay.
‘The tale of the platoon pest gone awol.’Werner Werman.
‘The tale of the bolt bucket’s bust-up.’Dr. Kahl’s Robot.
‘The tale of the siren’s swan song.’Cala Maria.
‘The tale of the locomotive in limbo.’Phantom Express.

Inkwell Hell

I’d sure love to tell…Boss
‘The tale of the casino man’s comeuppance.’King Dice.
‘The tale of the dastardly devil’s due.’The Devil.

Inkwell Isle IV

I’d sure love to tell…Boss
‘The tale of those boozy bugs busted.’Moonshine Mob.
‘The tale of the bruised big boulder.’Glumstone the Giant.
‘The tale of the dusted desperado.’Esther Winchester.
‘The tale of the cold congregation put on ice.’Mortimer Freeze.
‘The tale of the punched up pack of pilots.’The Howling Aces.
‘The tale of anyone else causin’ trouble.’Chef Saltbaker.

Once you’ve defeated all of the bosses listed above you will have completed the Cactus NPC’s side quest. You will see a notice from the NPC (or you may need to visit her). This notice congratulates you on completing all bosses with Ms. Chalice and unlocks the Chalice Filter for use.

How to Turn on the Gold Skin Filter for Ms. Chalice

Image showing where to find the Chalice filter in the Cuphead DLC.
You turn on the Gold Skin in the settings.

To equip the gold skin on Ms. Chalice open the options menu and go to Visual. Scroll down to Filter and go left or right until you find the one that says Chalice. Keep this Chalice filter active and exit out of the options menu. Now when you play a level Ms. Chalice will appear in a golden form that is slightly different from her traditional form.

That’s all you need to know to unlock and use the Gold Skin on Ms. Chalice. For more DLC secrets check out the The Howling Aces secret phase guide or how to get the Divine Relic Charm. Further guides can for both the base game and DLC can be found in our Cuphead walkthrough and guide hub.

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  1. Mrs. cactus looks very well. Where can I find this game.

  2. I really like Cactus. I saw this game for the first time and loved it very much. Such games interest me.

  3. Do you have to talk to the cactus between each fight? I hope not

  4. Does every dispute need you to consult the cactus? In that case, I would have wasted a lot of time and effort.

  5. James says:

    Do you have to talk to the cactus in between every fight? I hope not otherwise I did a lot for nothing

  6. Wario says:

    Oh god i really defeated every single boss as Ms.Chalice EXCEPT Satlbaker. Know how?
    Well…Theres an bug,that the first time you going to Saltbaker,you basically cant play as Cuphead. So,instead of Astral Cookie i picked smoke bomb,and i still kept playing as Ms. Chalice. I guess,that game thought i defeated him as Mugman,not Ms. Chalice.

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