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In the Cuphead DLC, The Delicious Last Course, there is a boss fight called The Howling Aces. This boss fight tasks players with fighting a crew of dog fighters. While on the surface the fight is fairly standard, there is a secret phase you can unlock during it. Use our The Howling Aces secret phase unlock guide below for help in unlocking it.

How to Unlock The Howling Aces Secret Phase

Image showing The Howling Aces secret phase triggered in Cuphead DLC.
Triggering the secret phase.

The Howling Aces normally is a three phase boss fight. To trigger the secret phase you want to focus your attention to phase 2. During phase 2 four dogs appear around your plane in jetpacks. Normally you would kill them. To trigger the secret phase you don’t.

The jetpacks the dogs are wearing produce white smoke, when they are close to dying the smoke turns gray. Shoot each dog until their jetpack’s smoke turns gray , but don’t kill them. Do this for all four enemies. Once the final dog’s jetpack is producing gray smoke the secret phase will trigger.

What is The Howling Aces Secret Phase

The normal third phase of the The Howling Aces boss fight features rotating screens, lasers, and a bunch of dodging. The secret phase does away with all of that, replacing it with a new fight sequence.

In the secret phase the large mech-dog dragon appears and eats all of the dog jetpack enemies. You then transition to the third phase of the fight. In this phase the screen remains static (no flipping) and enemies appear in the dragon’s paws. These enemies throw items at the player that must be dodged.

Video Guide

If you need further help or want to see The Howling Aces secret phase check out the video above. It is from Hold To Reset’s YouTube channel and it shows the entire fight, including the unlock process on phase 2 of the fight.

This is just one of a few secrets hidden in the Cuphead DLC. Learn how to unlock the special skin for Ms. Chalice or how to get the Divine Relic Charm. These guide are part of a much larger Cuphead walkthrough and guide. Check out the hub page for a collection of guides for the base game and its DLC content.

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