How to Start Cuphead The Delicious Last Course

The first DLC for Cuphead is finally here. The Delicious Last Course is the result of five years of work from StudioMDHR. This DLC expansion adds a new island to the game, Inkwell Isle IV, that players can explore. The new island features its own small story with bosses to fight and other activites to complete. To learn how to start Cuphead The Delicious Last Course see our guide below.

Download Patch 1.3.2 and The Delicious Last Course DLC

Image showing the Cuphead 1.3.2 patch announcement.
Image via StudioMDHR.

Before attempting to start the DLC you need to ensure you’ve completed a few steps. The first step is downloading Patch 1.3.2 for the base game of Cuphead. The patch released on June 29, 2022 and features code required to play the DLC on launch day.

The second step is to purchase, download, and install The Delicious Last Course DLC. This add-on can be bought through whatever platform store you use to buy games. Once you have purchased it ensure you’ve downloaded and installed the DLC content to your console or PC.

Complete Mausoleum I on Inkwell Ilse I then Ride the Boat

Image showing the boat that takes you to the DLC island in Cuphead.
Boat that takes you to the DLC.

Once you’ve installed the DLC head into your save game. To access the new content you need to ensure you’ve completed the Mausoleum I level on Inkwell Isle I. When this level is completed and a ferryman NPC will appear. Speak to him and select yes to depart to the new location, Inkwell Isle IV, of the DLC.

Alternatively: If you’ve already beaten Maouselume I in your game you will receive a message when you load it for the first time. This message says that the ferryman is waiting for you. He is available on all three Inkwell Ilses to take you to Inkwell Isle IV.

Video Guide

This guide is part of our larger Cuphead guide and walkthrough. Check out the hub page for all available guides we have for the DLC content.

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