Cuphead Patch 1.3.2 Released Ahead of DLC Launch

Cuphead has received a patch ahead of tomorrow’s release of the game’s The Delicious Last Course DLC. This patch, while small, features code required to make the DLC playable at launch tomorrow. Besides this crucial function, StudioMDHR also revealed a nice quality of life change in the Cuphead Patch 1.3.2.

What’s in Patch 1.3.2

Image showing the Cuphead Patch 1.3.2 announcement.
Image via StudioMDHR.

Cuphead Patch 1.3.2 is available for download right now across platforms. This new patch “contains some necessary code adjustments to allow the base game to function with the DLC on launch day.” So, basically, if you want to play The Delicious Last Course tomorrow you will want to download this patch as soon as possible.

MORE: The Cuphead DLC is out. Here’s how to start it.

The Delicious Last Course DLC has long been in the making from StudioMDHR. Announced back in 2017, the expansion adds a new island to the game featuring new bosses to fight. Alongside the new bosses are new ways to earn coins, new NPCs, and new secrets to uncover. It launched June 30th, 2022.

Besides the code adjustments StudioMDHR used the patch to add a quality of life addition that has long been requested for the base game. This new addition allows players to swap weapon loadouts from the “Retry” screen of a boss battle. This change means you no longer have to go to the overworld first to make changes to your build (as is it was previously designed).

That’s all the major points of the Cuphead Patch 1.3.2. Check out our Cuphead guide and walkthrough for help with the game’s many bosses, levels, and secrets.

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