Cuphead Boss List

One of the major selling points of Cuphead is the many crazy boss fights there are for players to undertake. With so many bosses to fight, I figured I would throw together a Cuphead boss list. I broke the list up into the worlds in which you will encounter each of the bosses in the game (this is what the game does).

How Boss Fights Work in Cuphead

Image showing the death screen in Cuphead.
The death screen in Cuphead shows you how far through a bosses phases you reached.

Boss fights in Cuphead follow a very distinct pattern throughout the entire game. Each fight is made up of different phases. As you deal damage to the boss, you will trigger new phases which result in new attack patterns. Most boss fights start out relatively simply, but become more complex towards the latter phases. Learning each phase of a boss is necessary to progress through the boss fight.

Boss Difficulties

Image showing the Clip Joint Calamity level screen in Cuphead.
Clip Joint Calamity level screen

Boss battles can be set to different difficulties. When you begin Cuphead, there are two available difficulties to choose from: Simple and Regular. Once you beat the game you unlock a third difficulty called Expert.

  • Simple: This is basically easy mode. Fights are way shorter and have less phases than the other two difficulties.
  • Regular: Regular and Expert are very similar. Regular is slightly slower than Expert, but features the same number of phases.
  • Expert: Expert is the hardest mode in Cuphead. Here you will find that fights are longer and projectiles are sped up.

With that out of the way, head on over to the next page to dive into our Cuphead boss list. Here you will find every boss in Cuphead along with all of the boss phases. Hope it helps you!

Unlockable Boss Achievements

Since much of Cuphead is tied to boss fights, there are a number of achievements for beating bosses. Below you will find every boss fight related achievement for the base Cuphead game.

  • Taking Names: Defeat a boss
  • A Walk in the Park: Defeat every boss in Inkwell Isle I
  • Sheriff: Obtain and A-Rank or higher on all bosses in Inkwell Isle I
  • A Day at the Fair: Defeat every boss in Inkwell Isle II
  • Boss: Obtain and A-Rank or higher on all bosses in Inkwell Isle II
  • A Trip Downtown: Defeat every boss in Inkwell Isle III
  • Mayor: Obtain and A-Rank or higher on all bosses in Inkwell Isle III
  • King: Obtain and A-Rank or higher on all bosses in Inkwell Hell
  • Swing You Sinner: Defeat the Devil
  • Put on a Show: Get an S – Rank
  • Ceramic Strike: Defeat a boss with an Extra Special move
  • Porcelain Power: Defeat a boss with a Super Art

Each of the achievements listed above will trigger when you defeat a boss in the game. You know you’ve unlocked it when the achievements/trophy pops up on your screen in-game.

MORE: Cuphead DLC Bosses List.

Inkwell Isle I (5 bosses)

The first location you visit is Inkwell Isle I. You enter this location after leaving the Elder Kettle’s house. There are a total of 5 bosses to face off against on Inkwell Isle I. The reside in their own levels, so look for shaking scenery to know where they are. The bosses you fight are as follows:

  • The Root Pack
  • Goopy Le Grande
  • Hilda Berg
  • Cagney Carnation
  • Ribby and Croaks

To advance the main story of the base game you must defeat the bosses listed above. You will unlock a variety of paths on the island. Also, defeating all 5 Inkwell Isle I bosses unlocks the A Walk in the Park achievement. The videos below show all the boss fights for this location.

The Root Pack

The Root Pack is a collection of bosses you fight on Inkwell Isle I. This boss fight is located in the level called Botanic Panic. This boss consists of four possible phases: Sal Spudder, Ollie Bulb, Chauncey Chantenay, and secret phase the triggers Horace Radiche. Defeating this boss gives you access to more sections of Inkwell Isle I.

Goopy Le Grande

Goopy Le Grande is a boss you fight on Inkwell Isle I. This boss fight is located in the level called Ruse of Ooze. This boss consists of three phases: Slime, Big Slime, and Tombstone. Defeat Goopy Le Grande to access more of Inkwell Isle I.

Hilda Berg

Hilda Berg is located in the observatory level called Threatenin’ Zepplin above where you fought Goopy Le Grande on Inkwell Isle I. This boss fight introduces the airplane to the game. While you fight Hilda you fly in an airplane. There are a total of six phases to this boss fight: Normal form, Blimp, Taurus, Gemini, Sagittarius, Crescent-Moon. Defeat Hilda to unlock more paths in Inkwell Isle I.

Cagney Carnation

Cagney Carnation is a flower boss players can fight in the level called Floral Fury. This level is located near the exit to Inkwell Isle II. This boss features two phases: Nice Cagney, Angry Cagney. Defeat Cagney Carnation to add to your boss fight total.

Ribby and Croaks

The last boss of Inkwell Isle I is a duo boss fight named Ribby and Croaks. This pair of brawling frogs can be found in the level named Clip Joint Calamity below the shop. There are three phases to this fight: Frogs take turns attacking, Frogs pincer attack, and the Slot Machine. Defeat Ribby and Croaks to gain access to Mausoleum I.

Inkwell Isle II (5 bosses)

The second location you visit in Cuphead is Inkwell Isle II. This location is home to a total of 5 bosses for you to fight. These bosses are much more difficult than those found on the first island. The bosses you fight are:

  • Baroness Von Bon Bon
  • Beppi The Clown
  • Djimmi The Great
  • Grim Matchstick
  • Wally Warbles

If you thought Inkwell Isle I was difficult, you are in for a nice treat. Cuphead really ramps up the difficulty with these 5 bosses you need to defeat in order to progress. Defeating all 5 bosses also nets you the A Day at the Fair achievement.

Baroness Von Bon Bon

Baroness Von Bon Bon is a boss players fight on Inkwell Isle II. This boss fight is located in the level called Sugarland Shimmy. Baroness Von Bon Bon features four phases: 1-3 features fighting the Baroness’ Subject, and the final phase is fighting Baroness Von Bon Bon and her castle Whippet Creampup. Defeat Baroness Von Bon Bon to unlock more paths on Inkwell Isle II.

Beppi The Clown

Beppi the Clown is the boss you fight in the level called Carnival Kerfuffle. This boss fight contains a total of 4 phases in which he changes forms. The phases are: Bumper Car, Balloon, Riding a Horse, and Chair Swing. Defeat Beppi the Clown to unlock more paths in Inkwell Isle II.

Djimmi The Great

Djimmi the Great is the boss you fight on the level called Pyramid Peril. This boss fight is another aerial fight (since Djimmi flies). There are five phases players must complete with four form changes. The phases are: Flying Carpet, Pillar, Sarcophagus, Cuppet, and giant genie. Defeat Djimmi the Great to unlock more routes through Inkwell Isle II.

Grim Matchstick

Grim Matchstick is a dragon boss players fight on the Fiery Frolic level in Cuphead. This boss fight features three phases and two form changes. The phases are: Dragon, and Hydra. Defeat Grim Matchstick to unlock more paths in Inkwell II including an overworld shortcut.

Wally Warbles

The final boss of Inkwell Isle II is Wally Warbles. Wally Warbles is located in the Aviary Action! level. Like Djimmi, Wally is another aerial battle. To complete this boss fight you must complete Wally’s three phases and two forms: Normal, Willy Warbles, and Injured Wally. Defeat Wally to unlock more paths through Inkwell Isle II.

Inkwell Isle III (7 Bosses)

The final Major island in the game is Inkwell Isle III. This island features the most bosses to complete in the game. The bosses you fight are some of the hardest and most intricate in the game . The Inkwell Isle III bosses are as follows:

  • Rumor Honeybottoms
  • Captain Brineybeard
  • Sally Stageplay
  • Werner Werman
  • Dr. Kahl’s Robot
  • Cala Maria
  • Phantom Express

Upon defeating Phantom Express you will be able to leave this island to enter the base game’s ending area. Also, defeating all 7 bosses in Inkwell Isle III unlocks the A Trip Downtown achievement.

Rumor Honeybottoms

Rumor Honeybottoms is located inside of the golden skyscraper level called Honeycomb Herald. Rumor has a total of three phases and three form changes for players to fight: Security Bees, Normal, Airplane. Defeat Rumor to unlock paths through Inkwell Isle III.

Captain Brineybeard

Captain Brineybeard is located in the ship level called Shootin N’ Lootin. In this level players must complete Captain Brineybeard’s four phases (no form changes). These phases are: Octopus gun, summon sea animals, ship shoots cannonballs, and Ship. Defeat Captain Brineybeard to unlock paths along the dock in Inkwell Isle III.

Sally Stageplay

Sally Stageplay is a boss players fight in the theater on Inkwell Isle III. This theater is a level called Dramatic Fanatic. This boss has four phases with three form changes. The phases are: Normal, Sally’s house, Goddess form, and Angel form. Defeat Sally to unlock paths to the Phantom Express and Werner Werman bosses.

Werner Werman

Werner Werman is a boss players fight in the Murine Corps level in Cuphead. This boss is fight with a military rat. During the fight there are three phases players must complete: Can-tank, Flamthrower, and cat Katzenwagen. Defeat Werner to unlock more paths through Inkwell Isle III.

Dr. Kahl’s Robot

Dr. Kahl’s Robot is a boss players can fight after defeating Rumor Honeybottoms. This giant robot, controlled by Dr. Kahl, is an homage to the Iron Giant. This boss fight is located in the Junkyard Jive! level. To complete the boss fight you must do all three boss phases: Automaton, Malfunctioning Automaton, and Dr. Kahl. Defeat Dr. Kahl and his robot to unlock a path to Sally Stageplay.

Cala Maria

Cala Maria is a boss located in the dock area of Inkwell Isle III. She is found inside of a shipwreck north of where you fought Captain Brineybeard, next to Tully the Turtle. This boss fight features three phases and two form changes: Normal, Medusa, Medusa Eels. Defeat all three phases to unlock new paths through Inkwell Isle III.

Phantom Express

The final boss of the area is Phantom Express. This boss fight is located at the train tracks blocking the path to the entrance to Inkwell Hell. The level is called Railroad Wrath. To complete this boss fight players must complete four phases: Blind Specter eyeballs, Conductor, Lollipop Ghouls, and Head of Train. Defeat this boss to gain access to Inkwell Hell, the final location of the base game.

Inkwell Hell (2 Bosses)

The last location in Cuphead is Inkwell Hell. This location is home to two final bosses the player must fight and defeat to complete the game. These bosses are the main baddies throughout the game’s story:

  • Casino/King Dice
  • The Devil

Defeat both King Dice and The Devil to beat Cuphead. There are potentially two endings for the player to unlock. These endings show a slightly different outcome to the game’s story.

Casino/King Dice

The Casino and King Dice is probably one of the hardest segments of Cuphead (even harder then the Devil imo), as it is basically a test of endurance. The idea behind this fight is essentially to complete a boss rush all the way to the King Dice boss fight. This is done in the form of a Craps game where Cuphead rolls the die to determine who he will fight. There are 9 bosses you can potentially fight in this section. If you want to see all the fights, watch this Boss Fight Database video.

  • Tipsy Troop: Boss fight consists of three alcoholic beverages who do different attacks.
  • Chips Bettigan: A stack of poker chips.
  • Mr. Wheezy: A lit cigar in an ashtray.
  • Pip and Dot: A domino piece.
  • Hopus Pocus: A rabbit in a hat.
  • Phear Lap: A skeleton horse at a racetrack.
  • Pirouletta: A Roulette wheel.
  • Mangosteen: An 8 Ball
  • Mr. Chimes: A monkey and cymbal.

After completing the boss rush, you will face off against the level boss King Dice.

King Dice

King Dice is a relatively simple boss fight with only one phase. In the phase, King Dice will set his hand on the table and release a number of marching playing cards. You need to parry the pink cards to avoid damage. Focus the head and this section is easy!

The Devil

The final boss fight in the base game is, rightfully so, with The Devil. The Devil is located in the tower next to the Casino. Once you defeat King Dice you will gain access to the One Hell of a Time level. To complete this level you must defeat four phases and five form changes from The Devil boss.

  1. Devil.
  2. Giant Devil.
  3. Minion summons.
  4. Bloody tears.

Upon defeating The Devil you will beat the main Cuphead storyline. This triggers the game’s ending. There are a total of two possible endings players can unlock at this point. The endings are based off of the dialogue selection you made when starting the game.

Thoughts on our Cuphead boss list? Drop them in the comments below.


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