Cuphead Boss List

One of the major selling points of Cuphead is the many crazy boss fights there are for players to undertake. With so many bosses to fight, I figured I would throw together a Cuphead boss list. I will break the list up into worlds (this is what the game does):

  1. Inkwell Isle I (World 1) – 5 Bosses
  2. Inkwell Isle II (World 2) – 5 Bosses
  3. Inkwell Isle III (World 3) – 7 Bosses
  4. Inkwell Hell (Finale) – 2 ‘Bosses’

How Boss Fights Work in Cuphead

Cuphead Boss Fight

The death screen in Cuphead shows you how far through a bosses phases you reached.

Boss fights in Cuphead follow a very distinct pattern throughout the entire game. Each fight is made up of different phases. As you deal damage to the boss, you will trigger new phases which result in new attack patterns. Most boss fights start out relatively simply, but become more complex towards the latter phases. Learning each phase of a boss is necessary to progress through the boss fight.

Boss Achievements

Since much of Cuphead is tied to boss fights, there are a number of achievements for beating bosses. Below you will find every boss fight related achievement (Spoilers):

  • Taking Names: Defeat a boss
  • A Walk in the Park: Defeat every boss in Inkwell Isle I
  • Sheriff: Obtain and A-Rank or higher on all bosses in Inkwell Isle I
  • A Day at the Fair: Defeat every boss in Inkwell Isle II
  • Boss: Obtain and A-Rank or higher on all bosses in Inkwell Isle II
  • A Trip Downtown: Defeat every boss in Inkwell Isle III
  • Mayor: Obtain and A-Rank or higher on all bosses in Inkwell Isle III
  • King: Obtain and A-Rank or higher on all bosses in Inkwell Hell
  • Swing You Sinner: Defeat the Devil
  • Put on a Show: Get an S – Rank
  • Ceramic Strike: Defeat a boss with an Extra Special move
  • Porcelain Power: Defeat a boss with a Super Art

Boss Difficulties

Cuphead Difficulties

Boss battles can be set to different difficulties. When you begin Cuphead, there are two available difficulties to choose from: Simple and Regular. Once you beat the game you unlock a third difficulty called Expert.

Simple: This is basically easy mode. Fights are way shorter and have less phases than the other two difficulties.

Regular: Regular and Expert are very similar. Regular is slightly slower than Expert, but features the same number of phases.

Expert: Expert is the hardest mode in Cuphead. Here you will find that fights are longer and projectiles are sped up.

With that out of the way, head on over to the next page to dive into our Cuphead boss list. Here you will find every boss in Cuphead along with all of the boss phases. Hope it helps you!


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  1. Diamond says:

    umm I didn’t see it yet.

  2. holypotato says:

    moe tato shoots worms not snkes!

    -i know the irone with my name fellas

  3. holypotato says:

    moe tato shoots worms not snakes!

  4. brayden says:

    I want to beat the game pls help me

  5. brayden says:

    do you guys know all of the bosses I do because I want to beat them

  6. brayden says:

    I want to beat the BOOOOOOOOOOOSES

  7. brayden says:

    I wish I could beat the game

  8. Anomyous says:

    ACTUALLY, horse beppi has tho attacks!!

  9. Anonymous says:

    On Moe Tato if you stay in the bottom right corner you can avoid all attacks, I believe.

  10. Honk the Helpful says:

    Okay, here I go: Ribby and Croaks* the tall one is Croaks, heavy is Ribby, root pack is: Moe Tato, Weepy And Psycarrot, Gobstopper is Will E. Gobston, candy corn is Krunchy Cornell, cupcake is Cherrybomb Chuck, gumball machine is Bobby Bulk and waffle is Sir Waffington III. You put baron Von BON Bon once, baroness. Small wally is his son. Phantom express bosses as you may think: the Blind Specter, T-bone, Blaze Brothers And head of train. King dice bosses: 1: Tipsy Troop 2: Chips Bettigan 3: Mr. Wheezy 4: Pip and Dot 5: Hopus Pocus 6: Phear Lap 7: Pirouletta 8: Mangosteen 9: Mr. Chimes, fun fact, two other king dice bosses were cut, Light and Pachinko. Other cut bosses are: Betty Beet from root pack -a beetroot replaced by Weepy the onion-, Second goopy le grande, M.Fang -old bat devil-, Jelly the octopus from a cut zeppelin level, Giant spider from the same removed level and a shadow that could just be chandelier! Thank you and here is a link for more cut content: !

  11. Siem says:

    Bro. If you use your drop bombs in the last stage of the Wally Warbles- fight, you don’t even need to shoot the heart. To me, after Baroness von Bon Bon, this was the easiest fight.

  12. Josh says:

    Wow. Thanks for doing this guys. This list helped me a lot.

  13. Jimmy says:

    Holy crap. Do you not pay any attention to the context of the boss fights? It’s not an homage to Anime.

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