The 10 Hardest Bosses in Cuphead

Hardest Bosses in Cuphead

Cuphead has been out for a bit now and has gained some notoriety for being a difficult game. Much of this difficulty comes from the numerous boss fights players need to complete in order to beat the game. Since we as humans like to rank things, I figured I would rank the difficulty of bosses in Cuphead. Here are the 10 hardest bosses in Cuphead.

10. Hilda Berg

Location: Inkwell Isle I

Why? Hilda Berg was the first real introduction for me in how sadistic Cuphead can be at times. Everything about this boss fight is a pain. Right from the Initial first phase to the final form there is so much information to process in order to win. I will fully admit that I died numerous times to Hilda Berg. Hilda Berg serves as a sort of gatekeeper for players and is easily the hardest boss fight of Inkwell Isle I.

9. Beppi The Clown

Location: Inkwell Isle II

Why? Environmental hazards. The Beppi The Clown boss fight emphasizes paying attention to the background. If you don’t, you’ll likely get damaged by a passing roller coaster. The act of having to pay attention to both the foreground and background makes Beppi the ninth hardest boss in Cuphead.

8. Sally Stageplay

Location: Inkwell Isle III

Why? The fight with Sally Stageplay revolves largely around using the Smoke Bomb charm. If you don’t the fight becomes extremely frustrating. The mix of dropping mouse toys, baby bottles, teleporting Sally, and other various phases hazards makes this fight frustrating to finish.

7. Wally Warbles

Location: Inkwell Isle II

Why? The final phase. Wally Warbles is a fairly straight forward boss fight in first few phases. As long as you stick to the left side of the screen you will be fine. However, once you reach the final phase of Wally on a stretcher, things get really insane. I died numerous times to Wally on a stretcher. This puts Wally Warbles at seventh on my list.

6. Cala Maria

Location: Inkwell Isle III

Why? Paralyzing laser eyes. Whoever thought giving this boss a move that makes you incapable of dodging for a few seconds while at the same time firing numerous projectiles at you deserves to be sent back to videogame design school. Seriously. I tend to be rather tilt/salt proof, but this fight had my blood boiling. While no controllers were thrown, I will shamefully admit that I came close.

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10 responses

  1. Donut says:

    Dr.Kahls is so hard. These guys are liars!

  2. Li says:

    I finished the bee on my second attempt using the Chaser, and I’m not even good.

  3. Cmscena says:

    I would personally put the genie on this list as well, most likely in replacement of Hilda.

  4. Jordan says:

    The grim matchstick only took me a few tries the bouncing ball at the beginning took me around 70

  5. mkael says:

    Um… am i normal? i think that i spent more time on the bird than did on the robot. idk why it seems that way. im have to kill the be again because i did it in easy. any tips

    • enricofairme says:

      I think that’s pretty normal. The robot is all about master the first phase and third phase, while the bird is all about the third phase. If you want some tips, read up on my boss list. Thanks for reading!

  6. Jacob says:

    Dr.kahls robot was the hardest boss for me in Cuphead. Seriously I had to skip that boss beat king dice and the devil go back and beat the boss.

  7. Jacob says:

    Dr.kahls robot was the hardest boss for me. Seriously I had to skip that one complete the game and go back to beat him.

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