World 2 Inkwell Isle II Guide – Cuphead

World 2: Inkwell Isle II of Cuphead is set in a fair. In this world there are five bosses to fight and two Run and Gun levels to complete. There are also a couple of NPC quests you can complete as well as a nice nod to Dark Souls. Check out the guide below for full details of this world.

Boss: Baroness Von Bon Bon

Image showing the Baroness Von Bon Bon level in Cuphead.
The Baroness Von Bon Bon level.

Located to the left of the World 2 entrance is Boness Von Bon Bon’s boss level. You can tell it is her level as the house itself is made of candy. Completing this boss fight opens up the tent to the right and gives access to the Birdhouse and a Run and Gun.

Boss: Wally Warbles

Image showing the Wally Warbles level in Cuphead.
The Wally Warbles boss level.

Wally Warbles can be found in the birdhouse after defeating Baroness Von Bon Bon. The Path to this boss appears and you can access this boss fight.

Boss: Djimmi The Great

Image showing the Djimmi the Great boss fight level in Cuphead.
The Djimmi The Great boss level.

To the right of Baroness Von Bon Bon’s level is a pyramid. Here you will find Djimmi The Great. Beating this fight opens up the pathway to the left of the pyramid and grants access to the World 2 shop as well as Grim Matchstick and a Run and Gun.

Boss: Beppi The Clown

Image showing the Beppi the clown boss level in Cuphead.
The Beppi the Clown level.

Head to the right of Djimmi’s Pyramid and you will reach Beppi’s level. The level itself is a rollercoaster. Beating the Beppi fight opens up the tent to the left of the boss fight.

Dark Souls Homage

Image showing a Dark Souls reference in Cuphead.
A Dark Souls reference?

If you are curious over how many times you’ve died in Cuphead, or just want to see a cartoony version of Dark Souls‘ Kingseeker Frampt, head to the right of Beppi’s boss level. You will see a pool that look vaguely familiar. Interact with the pool to learn how many times you’ve died.

Man Short Quartet

You may have noticed a quartet that is missing a fourth member. This member is located in the area area with the Run and Gun after beating Baroness Von Bon Bon. Head to the location in the second picture to find the fourth member. Talking to him will return him to the group and unlocks a nice song.

Boss: Grim Matchstick

Image showing the Grim Matchstick level in Cuphead.
The Grim Matchstick boss level.

Grim Matchstick resides in this tower that you can access after completing the first section of the world. You can find the tower tucked in the back upper corner of the world. Look for the Juggler NPC nearby.

Run and Gun Levels

There are two Run and Gun levels in World 2. These levels contain 5 coins a piece. Making the available coins 10 for the world. To see where they are located, check out the pictures below.

Image showing the Run and Gun level on World 2 Inkwell Isle II in Cuphead.
Run and Gun level 1.

The first Run and Gun can is located beside the Gingerbread Girl in the area before the Wally Warbles boss fight.

Image showing the Run and Gun level on World 2 Inkwell Isle II in Cuphead.
Run and Gun level 2.

The second Run and Gun can is located near World 2’s exit. It becomes accessible after you beat either Beppi the Clown or Djimmi.


Image showing the location of the World 2 Inkwell Isle II shop.
Here’s where the shop is on World 2.

The Shop for World 2 is located on the island in the middle of the world. It is accessible after clearing any of the first three bosses. Look for it in the northwestern area of the island next to the balloon tree.

Mausoleum 2

Image showing the Mausoleum 2 on Inkwell Isle II.
The Mausoleum 2 level.

The Mausoleum 2 challenge can be located to the left of Grim Matchstick’s boss level. You can access by either beating Grim Matchstick or Wally Warbles. Beating this challenge unlocks the Invincibility Super.


There are a couple of NPCs in this level which will give you a coin for completing certain their task. To get at the task simply speak to the NPCs listed below and they will tell you about the task they need fulfilled.

Gingerbread Girl

Image showing the Gingerbread Girl in Cuphead.

Gingerbread Girl can be found in front of Wally Warbles boss level beside the Run and Gun stage. Her challenge to you is to find a shortcut inside World 2. See shortcut below.

World 2 Shortcut

The World 2 shortcut connect Grim Matchstick and Wally Warbles boss levels together. To access the shortcut, go behind Wally Warbles boss level and head to the right behind some mountains. You will come out beside Grim Matchstick’s tower (can be taken in reverse order as well).


Image showing the Juggler NPC in Cuphead.
The Juggler NPC.

The Juggler can be found outside of Grim Matchstick’s tower. His challenge to you is to parry four times without touching the ground. At this point in the game it should be fairly easy to complete.

Exit to World 3

Image showing the exit to World 3 from World 2 in Cuphead.
Exit leading to World 3.

That concludes everything of interest in World 2 of Cuphead. When ready, make your way to the World 2 exit, which can be found in the lower right corner of the world (near the second Run and Gun level).

This guide is part of a larger Cuphead walkthrough and guide. Check out the hub page to see every guide written for the game. If you wish to continue onto the next island check out the Inkwell Isle III guide.

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