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The World 3 Inkwell Isle III area of Cuphead is set in a nice beachfront town. In this world there are seven bosses to fight and two Run and Gun levels to complete. There are also a couple of NPC quests you can complete which unlock new ways of viewing the game. We walk you through all that is found on the Overworld in our guide below.

World 3: Inkwell Isle III Bosses

As mentioned above, there are a total of seven boss fights in World 3. These boss fights can be found at the respective locations pictured below. The guide below shows you each of the bosses levels on the map. See our Cuphead boss list for details on fighting them.

Rumor Honeybottoms

Image showing the Rumor Honeybottoms level in Cuphead.
The Rumor Honeybottoms level.

Rumor Honeybottoms is located inside the golden skyscraper immediately upon entering World 3. This is one of two possible available boss fights you will be able to fight when you first access World 3.

Dr. Kahl’s Robot

Image showing the Dr. Kahl's Robot boss level.
The Dr. Kahl’s Robot level.

Along the road you access after beating Rumor Honeybottom, you will find a scrapyard. This scrapyard houses Dr. Kahl’s Robot. Access the small shed to start the boss fight.

Captain Brineybeard

Image showing the Captain Brineybeard level.
The Captain Brineybeard level.

Captain Brineybeard is the other boss you will have access to when you first enter World 3. You can find this boss fight along the shore to the right. Look for a red boat that is docked. This is Captain Brineybeard’s boss level.

Cala Maria

Image showing the Cala Maria level in Cuphead.
The Cala Maria level/

After beating Captain Brineybeard, you will find gain access to areas further along the shore. Along this area you will find Cala Maria. Cala Maria can is located next to the NPC turtle sitting on the dock. Interact with the shipwreck to access the boss level.

Werner Werman

Image showing the Werner Werman level in Cuphead.
The Werner Werman level.

Werner Werman is located inside the middle ring area beside the clock. This area is accessible after beating Captain Brineybeard or Rumor Honeybottoms (and a Run and Gun). Look for the house in the picture above to find this boss.

Sally Stageplay

Image showing the Sally Stageplay level in Cuphead.
The Sally Stageplay level.

Sally Stageplay can be accessed either by walking along the shore, or taking the shortcut past Dr. Kahl’s. Look for the theatre and you will find the Sally Stageplay fight.

Phantom Express

The final boss of World 3 is located across the bridge besides the Theatre. Here you will see an old train on the tracks. Interact with the train to start the Phantom Express fight.

World 3 Shortcut

The shortcut in World 3 is located behind Dr. Kahl’s scrapyard. Head to the area the first picture and take a right. This allows you to access the Theatre from this side of the map instead of walking all the way around.

Run and Gun

There are two Run and Gun levels in World 3 that can be completed. These levels are located along the shore near Captain Brineybeard’s and along the road you unlock after beating Rumor Honeybottoms.

Run and Gun 1

Image showing the location of the Inkwell Isle III Run and Gun level 1.
The Run and Gun 1 level.

Along the road you unlock after beating Rumor Honeybottoms, you will find the first Run and Gun.

Run and Gun 2

Image showing the location of the Inkwell Isle III Run and Gun level 2.
The Run and Gun 2 level.

After you beat Captain Brineybeard, you will find the Run and Gun level just across the bridge that lowers.


Image showing the Inkwell Isle III shop location.
Inkwell Isle III Shop.

The World 3 shop is located in the center area near the fork NPC. You need to beat Captain Brineybeard to access the area right away.

Mausoleum 3

Image showing the Mausoleum 3 level in Cuphead.
The Mausoleum 3 level.

The Mausoleum 3 challenge is located close to the shop in this world. Like the previous levels you need to defeat ghosts using only the Parry ability. Beating this challenge unlocks the third and final super, Giant Ghost.


There are a couple of NPCs in World 3 which are tied to Cuphead’s secret achievements. These NPC quests are way more difficult than those found in World 2. The NPCs are located at the spots in the pictures below.


Image showing the Fork NPC, Silverworth, in Cuphead.
Fork NPC named Silverworth.

The fork NPC, named Silverworth, is located along the road near the shop. This NPC has a quest you can complete to unlock 2 Strip mode. This quest is to reach Grade A or higher on all levels in the game. 2 Strip mode is an interesting filter you can apply to change the look of the game.


Image showing the Turtle NPC, Tully, in Cuphead.
Turtle NPC named Tully.

Tully the turtle is another NPC you will find in this world. He is sitting on the docks near the Cala Maria boss fight. This NPC wants you to pacifist run through all six Run and Gun levels. Doing this unlocks the Black and White filter you can apply to the game to change its look.

Exit to Inkwell Hell

Image showing the exit to Inkwell Hell in Cuphead.
Exit leading to Inkwell Hell.

Once you’ve cleared all of the stuff listed above your next step is to leave the island. You can do this by accessing the Casino on the other side of the train tracks where you fought the Phantom Express. Goin through this exit takes you to Inkwell Hell where a series of boss fights awaits.

This guide is part of our larger Cuphead guide and walkthrough. Check out the guide hub for all of our guides for this game. If you wish to continue check out our Inkwell Hell guide to learn how to finish the game’s main story.

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