How to Unlock Black and White Mode in Cuphead

I’ve been cleaning up some of the remaining achievements in Cuphead and recently managed to complete the Pacifist. The Pacifist achievement is hinted at by the turtle named Tully in Inkwell Isle II. What exactly does being a pacifist mean and what does completing the quest unlock? Here is how to unlock black and white mode in Cuphead.

Speak to Tully the Turtle and Complete Quest

When you reach Inkwell Isle III, you meet a nice turtle named Tully on the docks who mentions taking a different path through levels. This path is the path of a pacifist. If you don’t know what a pacifist, it’s basically believing violence is unjustified and should not be used.

Complete ALL Six Run and Gun Levels Without Violence

Image showing a Run and Gun level completed as a pacifist.
The flag has a P on it which means I beat it as a pacifist.

To complete the Pacisifit challenge for Tully you need to complete all 6 of the Run n’ Gun levels without killing enemies. Keep in mind that parryable enemies are not counted. When you complete a Run n’ Gun as a pacifist the flag will have a P on it. Do this for all 6 levels then return to Tully.

Speak to Tully once you’ve met the requirements and he will be pleased with you. As a reward for your accomplishment he gives you Black adn White mode. This mode is a filter that changes the look of the game.

Turning on Black and White Mode in Cuphead

To turn on the black and white mode, navigate to the options menu. In the options menu, you can change both the audio and visual styles. Select audio and tick on Vintage Mode. Head to visuals and select Filter Black & White.

That’s it! That’s all there is to unlocking the black and white mode in Cuphead. If you wish to see some black and white footage, check out my boss fight compilation in this mode.

There is a second filter you can unlock that is 2 Strip mode. For more guides like this one check out our Cuphead walkthrough and guide hub. This hub features a bunch of guides to help you through the game.

Thoughts on our how to unlock Black and White Mode in Cuphead guide? Drop them in the comments below.


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