How to Unlock 2 Strip Mode in Cuphead

What’s up! I took a little time away from Destiny 2, to finally get around to 100% completion of Cuphead. This was a pretty tough journey, but well worth it for this indie gem! Anyways, the last piece of Cuphead stuff I have for you all is unlocking the 2 Strip mode in Cuphead. Below I show you how to unlock 2 strip mode Cuphead guide.

Speak to Silverworth on Inkwell Isle III then Complete His Quest

In Inkwell Isle III you probably noticed a well dressed fork near the overwrld shop. This fork won’t associate himself with someone of your ‘grade’. This gives you a hint as to what he wants you to do.

To unlock 2 Strip mode, you need to get at least an A on every boss fight in Cuphead. This can be done by playing the bosses on normal or expert and completing the various scorecard fight requirements (finish fight with 3 hp, time, special, etc.). Once you’ve completed this, return to Silverworth to unlock 2 Strip mode!

How to Turn on 2 Strip Mode in Cuphead

Like Black & White mode, 2 Strip mode is turned on in the options menu. Head to the visual tab and select the 2 Strip filter. Toggling the filter on will give you the visual results pictured above.

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