Cuphead Item List

Cuphead focuses largely on combat. To improve your Cuphead, you can shop at Porkrind’s Emporium with the coins you collect. Items in Cuphead can be broken up into 3 distinct categories: Shot, Super, and Charm. Mixing and matching different combinations of these items will help you on your quest to collect souls for The Devil. Below you will find our Cuphead item list. Hope it helps.

Equipping/Unequipping Items

Cuphead Equipment/Item Screen

From this screen you can change the items you have equipped.

Changing item loadouts in Cuphead is super easy. On the overworld map press the Equip button (top right corner of your screen). This brings you to the equipment page. Here you can select whichever combination of Shot, Super, and Charm you wish. Note that you are limited to only two Shot, one Super, and one Charm at a time.

Shots (6 Shots)

Cuphead Shot

Every Shot in my Cuphead’s equip menu.

There are a total of six shots to purchase in Cuphead (shots change how you fire and you EX):

  1. Chaser (4G) – Long range with below-average damage. No aiming required.
  2. Spread (4G) – Short range with great damage if you can keep to your target.
  3. Roundabout (4G) – Great coverage with average damage. Aim backward for maximum range.
  4. Lobber (4G) – Medium range and good damage with a slower rate of fire.
  5. Peashooter (Start) – Standard issue weapon. Long range with average damage.
  6. Charge (4G) – Hold Attack to increase damage. No rapid fire, so precision is key.


Super (3 Supers)

Cuphead Super

All Supers on my Cuphead.

A super is a special ability which can be triggered when you have full power (5 cards). Supers are not purchased, but rather gained from completing Mausoleum challenges.

  1. Energy Beam (Complete Mausoleum I) – A devastating attack spills from your head.
  2. Invincibility (Complete Mausoleum II) – Cross the astral plane to become invulnerable for a short time.
  3. Giant Ghost (Complete Mausoleum III) – Maneuver your spirit and body simultaneously for maximum damage.

Charms (6 Charms)

Cuphead Charms

All six charms on my Cuphead

Like the shots, there are a total of six charms to purchase. Charms act a sort of passive/ability on Cuphead.

  1. Heart (3G) – Adds an additional hit point but lightly weakens your attack power.
  2. Smoke Bomb (3G) – You will not take damage during a dash. A great defensive maneuver.
  3. Coffee (3G) – Super meter continuously fills – in addition to what you earn.
  4. Whetstone (3G) – Your first parry move doubles as a damaging axe attack.
  5. P. Sugar (3G) – The first parry move is automatic – All you have to do is jump.
  6. Twin Hearts (5G) – Adds two additional hit point but lightly weakens your attack power.

This concludes our Cuphead item list. As there are a number of items to purchase in Cuphead, it is necessary to collect all coins in the Run and Gun levels and collect the various hidden coins in each World’s overworld. Collecting every item unlocks the Butter-and-Egg Man achievement.

Thoughts on this Cuphead item list? Let me know in The Pit below.


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