Inkwell Hell Guide – Cuphead

Unlike the previous worlds, Inkwell Hell is rather small and incredibly straightforward to navigate. There are only two possible places to go and only a few bosses to fight. You will start with King Dice then move to the final fight with The Devil. To learn more see our Cuphead Inkwell Hell guide below.

Inkwell Hell Bosses

There are two boss fights to complete in Inkwell Hell. These bosses can be found in the areas pictured below. The order of access is beating King Dice and The Casino before accessing the Devil. You can find more details about the bosses in our boss list.

King Dice

Image showing the King Dice Casino in Cuphead.
The King Dice level.

King Dice can be found inside The Casino. Head up the stairs and interact with the door to start this boss fight. This boss fight contains a rather long casino based sequence you must complete to finish it.

The Devil

Image showing the Devil's level in Cuphead.
The Devil level in Cuphead.

The final boss in the main game is against The Devil. The Devil is located inside the tower to the right of The Casino. You need to beat King Dice first before being able to access this boss fight. Once you’ve done that you can dance with the devil.

Possible Endings

When you face off against the Devil, it is possible to get two endings. This can be done by choosing either yes or no in the opening cutscene when the Devil asks you your answer. There is one true ending, but the other ending nets you an achievement, so grab both. If you want to see and or read about both endings, check out this article.

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