Cuphead The Delicious Last Course Hidden Coin

In the Cuphead DLC there is a new island players can explore called Inkwell Isle IV. This island features new bosses to fight, new items to collect, new levels to complete, and even a few secrets to find. One of the more hidden secrets is a coin. Use our Cuphead The Delicious Last Course Hidden Coin guide to find it.

Where is the Hidden Coin on Inkwell Isle 4?

The hidden coin on Inkwell Isle IV is rather well hidden if you don’t know where to look. Thankfully getting to the coin is fairly simple to do. There are two possible entrances to find the hidden coin attached to the island’s shortcut.

  • Shortcut Entrance 1: The earliest entrance you can use is located behind Porkrind’s Emporium on the northeast corner of the island. Walk behind the shop and continue heading to the left until you are behind Chef Saltbaker’s Bakery. Continue left until you can’t walk any further and you will pick up the coin.
  • Shortcut Entrance 2: The second shortcut entrance is located next to the waterfall near the graveyard in the southern portion of the island. Walk up and past the waterfall to go through a tunnel. Walk up until you reach a T. Take a left at the T and then walk behind Chef Saltbaker’s Bakery to reach the hidden coin.

If you need to see a video of the shortcut in action, check out Hold To Reset’s quick one. It shows how to reach the hidden coin and use the shortcut to reach the bottom of the island.

This guide is part of a much larger Cuphead walkthrough and guide. Check out the hub page for a collection of guides for both the base game and its DLC content.

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