Blasphemous Guide/Walkthrough – Main Story, Bosses

Blasphemous is a new title out of The Game Kitchen and Team 17 Digital. The game is described as a punishing action-platformer that combines the fast-paced, skilled combat of a hack-n-slash game with a deep and evocative narrative core, delivered through exploration of a huge universe comprised of non-linear levels. To help you navigate this game we’ve put together a Blasphemous guide. Check it out below.

Note: Guide is being updated.

Blasphemous Main Story Guides

Image showing the Wasteland of the Buried Churches area of Blasphemous.

The Blasphemous story tasks you with traversing a number of different areas, fighting different bosses, and ultimately finding redemption in the world of Cvstodia. This adventure occurs through non-linear design can be a bit confusing to navigate. To help you make your way through Blasphemous, use the main story guides below. They are broken up into individual areas. Follow the links!

Blasphemous Side Quest Guides

Image showing a side quest in Blasphemous.

There are a number of completable side quests for players to discover as they playthrough Blasphemous. These side quests are triggered by different NPCs throughout the world. To help you complete these side quests, use the guide below.

Blasphemous Miscellaneous Guides

Image showing a boss in Blasphemous
This is Ten Piedad, a boss in Blasphemous.

The guides found below pertain to everything outside the main story of Blasphemous. Here you will find things like the game’s boss list, items list, side missions, etc. Use the links below to reach any topics that may be of interest.

This concludes our Blasphemous guide. Hopefully you found it helpful in your journey through Cvstodia. As always if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions drop them in The Pit below.

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  1. William Brown says:

    How do you get the hidden platforms to appear in the game?

  2. Zanchbot says:

    Would love a clearer version of the map with less random scribbling and with each area clearly labeled. Makes it very hard to use.

  3. allan says:

    really cool you made a guide for it would be nice if you put things to do for later in the guide when its time to do it instead of i have to click on differt sections its hard to remember

    ps do you know how to get crossing souls

  4. Paiyn says:

    This is great!!! Is there also a general overview map available with all POI marked?

  5. walrus says:

    Thank you so much, I was ripping my hair out over the randomness of certain secrets in this game.

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