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Once you’ve escaped the Desecrated Cistern, make your way to the Bridge of the Three Calvaries which is located through the Wasteland of the Buried Churches. Once you are at this location head right on the bridge to trigger a boss fight.

Note: No map for this area since it is literally a straight walk across a bridge.

Side Quest: Redento

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This guide has been completing the Redento side quests which basically sees us helping Redento make his pilgrimage by clearing objects in his way. In the room before entering the Bridge of the Three Calvaries, you will find Redento staring at a spiked pit. He can’t cross because he is barefoot. To help him out. Go and knock the logs down. Speak with Redento to get the Rosary Bead: Little Toe made of Limestone.

Boss Fight: Esdras, of the Anointed Legion

Image showing Esdras, of the Anointed Legion boss.

As you walk on the bridge you will trigger a boss fight with Esdras, of the Anointed Legion. Esdras is the character you’ve been seeing in the various cutscenes following you. I would argue he is easily the hardest boss fight in Blasphemous since he is tanky, but can also easily wombo-combo you. He also possess three phases, with the third phasing featuring Perpetua. Here’s his move set.

Phase 1:

  1. Spinning Attack: Esdras spins at you. This is a short attack which covers about 2/3 of arena.
  2. Spinning w/ Lightning: Esdras spins across the entire bridge and summons vertical lightning strikes behind him. Jump over Esdras then stand between the lightning strikes to avoid. If you can run to the opposite side of where he starts his spin you can deal damage to him when he arrives.
  3. Heavy Attack: Esdras will run over to you then charge up his swing to attack you. This attack usually follows the Spinning Lightning attack. You can Parry this to give you a nice attack window.
  4. Blast: If you deal too much consecutive damage, Esdras will slam his weapon down which sends out a blast around himself which will stagger and damage you.

Phase 2:

Once you deal about 1/3 Damage to Esdras, he will move into phase 2. During the phase he uses similar moves to phase 1 but the speed is increased. He also gets a new move:

5. Lightning Wave: sends out 6x vertical lightning strikes towards you. Punished easily if you can get behind Esdras.

During this wave you pretty much need to be on your toes. You will need to use a combination of dodging and parrying to survive this phase. Focus on getting a few hits in when you can, but really emphasis punishing him on attacks like the heavy attack, lightning wave, and spinning /w lightning.

Phase 3: A new foe appears.

With about a third of his health left, Esdras will summon Perpetua. The fight remains relatively similar to Phase 2 (as Esdras moves don’t change), but you now have to worry about Perpetua who will dive you horizontally. Again focus on dodging and punish Esdras at every opportunity.

Once Esdras is defeated you will unlock The Brother achievement, the Taranto to My Sister Prayer, and 4300 TOA. Continue heading to the right and you will reach the gate. Go inside it to trigger a cutscene. Make your way through the first room to reach a new area called, Patio of the Silent Steps.

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