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Once you’ve taken out Esdra and his goon, make your way through the gate to reach a new area called Patio of the Silent Steps. This is a rather short area where you will collect a few items and mainly pass through. To help you on this journey use our Patio of the Silent Steps guide below.

Patio of the Silent Steps Map

Image showing the Patio of the Silent Steps map.

The Patio of the Silent Steps is a rather short area, but there are a number of items for players to collect within the three rooms that make up this area. Check out the locations above.

Room 1

Image showing a Children of Moonlight.

The first room you enter has the Prie Dieu right by the entrance. Sit at it then head right over to the edge. Don’t bother going to the top platform instead drop to ground level. Pop the Children of Moonlight over the spike pit then continue heading to the right. Into the next room via the bottom right door.

Room 2

Image showing a Three Gnarled Tongues tree.

You will enter Room 2 on the ground level. In this room there are a few items to collect. The first one we are going to grab is actually in Room 1. Make your way up to the left exit and return to Room 1, grab the Collectible: Fibula of Rysp, the Ranger. Return to Room 2. Head right along the top platform and make your way to the spot I’m standing in the picture above. Equip your Relic: Three Gnarled Tongues to make this tree appear. Use it to reach the item on the ledge to the right which is the Rosary Beads: Thorned Symbol. Drop down and exit right into the next room.

Room 3

In Room 3 make your way up the ladder and onto the platform. Head left and drop down to the column below you. Grab the Quest Item: Olive Seeds from this platform then equip your Relic: Three Gnarled Tongues to make a tree appear to your left. Use it to climb up to the platform to the left. Here you will find Collectible: Triquetral of Luca, the Tailor. Head right back onto the previous platform and go right. Grab the Children of Moonlight along the way.

Image showing Redento.

If you’ve been completing the Redento side quest you will meet him before the next room. He is stuck because there is a wild bed creature blocking the door. Take out the bed and return to Redento to receive the Rosary Bead: Big Toe made of Limestone.

Regardless head to the right into the next area called, Mother of Mothers. Pass through this first room to enter the Knot of Three Words. Rest at the Prie Dieu here then continue heading to the right to reach Mother of Mothers.

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