Mother of Mothers – Blasphemous Guide

Once you’ve made your way through the Patio of Silent Steps you will arrive in the Mother of Mothers. In this area there are a number of new enemies, items, and bosses to fight. To help you accomplish this all use our Mother of Mothers guide below.

Mother of Mothers Map

Image showing the Mother of Mothers Map.

Mother of Mothers is a major area you will explore in Blasphemous. This large cathedral houses a number items, enemies, and a boss to discover. To navigate this area, use our Mother of Mothers map above.

Knot of the Three Words

Image showing the Knot of Three Words tree.

In between the first two room of Mother of Mothers, you will pass through a passageway called Knot of the Three Words. In this passageway there is a tree. Speak to the NPC there and sit at the Prie Dieu then continue right into the next Mother of Mothers room.

Room 1

Image showing a room in Mother of Mothers.

After passing through the Knot of the Three Words you will reach Room 2 of the Mother of Mothers area. In this room you can go up right or down right. We are going to go down right for now to reach the Library of the Negated Words. Before we do that, hit the wall opposite the bottom right door to access a secret room with MP UP inside. Once you’ve done this head to the right into the Library of Negated Words.

After Library of Negated Words

Once you’ve made your way through the Library of Negated Words you will return to the Mother of Mothers area. In this area make your way to Room 2.

Room 2

In the large room make your way up the right side of the room using the ladder there. Head up the stairs until you reach a platform with some spear enemies. Jump left to this platform. Jump from this platform to the one on the right. Head up the stairs and hit the right wall here to reveal a hidden room. This room leads to a Blood Fountain room. Use it then return to Room 2. Head across the top platforms and ignore the ladder for now.

Make your left way across the entire platform. Jump to the item on the left wall to get the Rosary Bead: Consecrated Amethyst. Drop down to the stairs below and take them all the way down to the lever here. Hit the lever to lower a ladder down to the floor below.

Head back up the stairs about halfway and slide between the gap in the right wall. Equip the Relic: Blood Perpetuated in Sand and use the blood platforms to reach the item in the middle of the room (pictured above) which is the Collectible: Trapezoid of Yaeger, the Jeweller. If you head out the left door here you can access a lever in Room 1 which sends a ladder down. Do that if you want then return to Room 2 and head up the ladder at the top of the room.

Relic: Nail Uprooted from Dirt

After the ladder you will enter a hallway. Go to the right in this hallway to reach a room with Redento inside it. Put on the Rosary Beads Rendento gave you to have the statue move out of the way to reveal a door. Go inside the door to receive the Relic: Nail Uprooted from Dirt which allows you to jump in mud/water. Leave the secret room and re-enter to get the Quest Item: Knot of Rosary Rope off of Redento’s body. Return to the hallway.

Head left in the hallway until you reach outside. In this room you will encounter a large swinging environmental hazard which fills most of the screen. Duck under it when it swings at you. Walk forward a bit and equip your Relic: Blood Perpetuated in Sand to reveal some platforms heading up and to the right. Climb the platforms into the upper right room. Complete the platforming sequence in this room to receive the Sword Heart: Smoking Heart of Incense. Return to the previous room and make your way to the left.

Room 3

Image showing room 3.

You will arrive in the a room above Room 1 which we will call Room 3. In this room drop down and grab the Collectible: Trapezium of Jeremiah, the Hangman. From head to the lower left side of the room and interact with the lever there to drop a ladder down into Room 1. Head into the room on the lower right to meet NPCs Socorro and Cleofas. Leave them both and head up into the top left exit of Room 3 to reach Room 4.

Room 4

Image showing Room 4.

Inside Room 3 make your way to the bottom left corner of the room to get Collectible: Femur of Karpow, The Bounty Hunter. Use the platforms to traverse the room and grab the Children of Moonlight at the top. Enter the door to the left and sit at the Prie Dieu. Go up top and use the Mea Culpa Shrine. We’ve got a boss fight.

Boss: Melquiades, The Exhumed Archbishop

Image showing Melquiades, The Exhumed Archbishop.

Melquiades, The Exhumed Archbishop is the boss you will face off against in the Mother of Mothers area. This skeleton priest is being held up by a throng of followers. This boss fight is fairly simple, but you will notice Melquiades is rather tanky. With that said Melquiades doesn’t have many attacks which is nice.

  1. Lightning: Columns of lighting appear from the sky. Stand between them to avoid.
  2. Hands: You will notice hands appear near the screen. These hands attack you.
  3. Scepter Strike: Occasionally Melquiades will strike out with his scepter. This attack mixes with lightning in second phase.

To deal damage to Melquiades you need to hit the arms of the people holding him up. Once you’ve hit them enough Melquiades will drop, leaving you ample opportunity to strike his head. Once you reach the halfway point, Melquiades will quickly move from side to side, making this process a bit more difficult. For defeating Melquiades you will unlock The Bejeweled Saint achievement and will earn some TOA.

Once Melquiades has fallen head to the left into the next room. Grab the Quest Item: Deformed Mask of Orestes from this room and continue heading to the left. Drop the ladder in this room. From here you can go up to a new area called Archcathedral Rooftops. Before we do that grab the Collectible: Coxal of June, The Prostitute from the lower left corner in this room. Drop down into the room below and grab the Children of Moonlight there. Return to the previous room and enter the Archcathedral Rooftops.

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