Library of Negated Words – Blasphemous Guide

Once you reach the MOther of Mothers area you will immediately get the opportunity to head to another area called the Library of Negated Words. This area houses an NPC and a Fast Travel room as well as access to . To help you get through this area use the Library of Negated Words guide below.

Library of Negated Words Maps

Image showing the Library of Negated Words map.

Library of Negated Words is a new area we will be exploring in Blasphemous. In this area there are a number of new enemies, items, and places to find. Let’s get started.

Room 1

Make your way down the ladders avoiding the ghosts along the way to reach the ground below. Here you can go left or right. Right leads to a Fast Travel room so ignore that for now. Instead head left into the next room.

In this room you need to use the lever to move the first bookshelf with the ladder on it. Climb up the ladder onto the ledge to the right with the other lever on it. Activate the lever and ride and jump to the top ladder. Ride it across the room. Jump the gap and exit through the left door.

Walk down the hallway and interact with the Prie Dieu here. Continue down the hall to meet an NPC. Walk past him into the next room.

Room 2

Inside this large room drop to the floor and walk to the left. Go up the ladder and kill the enemy on the platform. Grab the Collectible: Sacrum of the Dark Warlock behind him. Drop back down to the floor below and pull the lever. Climb up the ladder now in the middle of the room and then climb up the second ladder to the platform above. Walk to the right on this platform to get a Children of Moonlight. After this pull the lever. As the platform moves to the left, drop on top of it to ride it over to the door on the left.

Room 3

In this next room equip both your Relic: Three Gnarled Tongues and the Relic: Blood Perpetuated in Sand to reach the platform above you. Here you can grab the Collectible: Tibia of Alsabi, the Mystic. Continue right on this platform to reach a Guilt absolution room. Return to the lower ledge and head down and out the left exit.

Room 4

In this large room you need to move the platforms so you can reach the left corner of the room. To do this simply start at the lowest lever, pull it then climb up to the next platform, and repeat the process until you reach the top. Drown down into the next section and keep your Relic: Three Gnarled Tongues and the Relic: Blood Perpetuated in Sand equipped so you can see platforms leading up to the top left door. Make your way to this door and go inside to reach a Prie Dieu.

Rest at the Prie Dieu and go up to create a shortcut back to the Patio of the Silent Steps. Head into the room to the left of the Prie Dieu and complete the poison puzzle challenge to reach a chest with the Rosary Bead: Amber Eye. Leave the Prie Dieu and head into the room below (Room 5),

Room 5

Image showing a hidden passage.

The top left room in Room 4 is a Blood Fountain room. Drop down to the platform with the two book throwers and start to climb down the ladder. Stop halfway and hit the right wall to reveal a hidden room (pictured). Take out the enemy guarding it and go inside to get an HP UP. Return to the Room 5 and head to the bottom. At the bottom you will find a room on the right with books inside it, ignore this room and head to the left.

Room 6

Image showing the giant you need to drop behind.

Ignore this room with switches for now and continue heading to the left into Room 6. Inside this room defeat the giant then drop of the ledge behind where he was standing. You will land on a platform with the Rosary Bead: Drop of Coagulated Ink. Open the door at the bottom right and head inside to reach a new area called The Sleeping Canvases.

After The Sleeping Canvases

Image showing the location of the Embossed Mask of Crescente.

Note: The following pertains to players that have defeated Exposito, Scion of Abjuration in The Sleeping Canvases.

After you’ve defeated Exposito, Scion of Abjuration you will unlock an elevator back to the Library of Negated Words. This elevator leads you to a hidden room. Inside this hidden room is an important item called the Embossed Mask of Crescente. Grab it before leaving the room. Also interact with the Red Candle to get the Rosary Bead: Big Bead of Red Wax. Return to Mother of Mothers.

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13 responses

  1. doron nacash says:

    I found a secret room on the bottom of room 3. breakable floor.

  2. EternalAzhrei says:

    You tell us to ignore a room for now in your Room 6 description, but you never tell us how or when to come back to it to open the gate in the top right. Any more on that?

    • EternalAzhrei says:

      Nevermind, I figured it out. You have to bring the top platform to the right and the bottom platform to the left to get the gate open. Also, it’s easier to do if you have already killed the enemy behind the gate by getting really close and killing an exploding head close enough to it.

  3. Impaled says:

    I didn’t get the big red bead of wax from the candle which is already off… I don’t know how to open that damn door without the bead..any solutions

  4. Carl says:

    hey guys, what’s the deal with the room with the 3 books? I’m trying different stuff but can’t figure out what to do…

    • Victor says:

      What I did was take all my rosary beads, my relics, my prayer, my mea culpa heart and then I used a couple of vile flask in the room(maybe 3 or 4) and a door opened, there is a chest with the prayer “Romance to the Crimson Mist”.

  5. Hugh says:

    There is a secret room (breakable wall) to the left of the door with the switch after obtaining the rosary bead which leads to a Fervor Up. The blue anointing cup thingy*

  6. Adrian Perales says:

    What do you do w the npc?

  7. Richard says:

    Do you get to the Mea Culpa location later in? Searching my ass oft here…

  8. Eric B says:

    Your map here is missing a mea culpa statue in the same rectangle as the prie dieu statue

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