How to Complete the Redento Side Quest – Blasphemous Guide

In Blasphemous there are a number of side quests for players to complete. These side quests reward players with items and even better endings. One of the longer side quests you can complete involves an NPC named Redento. Here’s how to complete the Redento side quest.

Starting the Lift

Image showing the reward for helping Redento.

You will meet Redento in the area known as Mountains of The Endless Dusk. He is standing next to a broken lift. He asks you if you can get it started for him so he can cross the gap. To do this you need to make your way through Jondo. Once through Jondo you will arrive at a lever, pull it to start the lift. Ride it back to Redento and speak to him to get the Rosary Bead: Fourth Toe made of Limestone.

Destroying the Wall

After this interaction Redento will wander off into the lower portion of the Brotherhood of the Silent Sorrow. Here he sits in front of a blocked hallway. He wants you to help him get past. To do this enter the nearby doors and complete the platforming sequence. You will emerge on the other side of the wall. Hit it to destroy it then speak with Redento. He will move on.

Helping Redento Cross the Spikes

Image showing helping Redento.

Redento will head to the room just before the Bridge of the Three Cavalries. Here he gets stuck by the spike pits at the bottom of the room. To help him get past these spikes knock the logs into the spikes and he will be able to cross. He will reward you with the Rosary Bead: Little Toe made of Limestone.

Defeating Demon Bed

Image showing Redento.

After this Redento heads to the Patio of the Silent Steps. In this area he waits before the entrance to the Mother of Mothers area. Redento is stuck because there is a demon bed blocking the door. Kill the demon bed and return to Redanto to receive the Rosary Bead: Big Toe made of Limestone.

Redento Reaches Destination

Image showing the final room of the Redento side quest.

Once you help Redento he will head into the Mother of Mothers and reach his destination (see map here). In this room you will find Redento praying to the Master statue. He will ask what does he need to do. Well, you need to wear all three of the Rosary Beads he’s given you so far. This results in the statue moving to reveal a doorway. Head inside this door to receive the Relic: Nail Uprooted from Dirt which allows you to jump in mud/water. Exit then enter again to see Redento is dead. Loot his corpse for a Knot of Rosary Rope. This ends the Redento side quest an unlocks the Ultreia Et Suseia achievement.

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