Mountains of The Endless Dusk – Blasphemous Guide

The next area we will be visiting is called the Mountains of The Endless Dusk. In this area you will face off against new, tougher enemies. To help you explore this area make use our Mountains of The Endless Dusk guide below.

Mountains of The Endless Dusk Map

Image showing the Mountains of The Endless Dusk map.

Mountains of The Endless Dusk is located directly beneath Albero. It is accessible from the start of the game, but the enemies can be a bit difficult to face. To make your way through this area check out the map above.

Room 1

Image showing the first area of the Mountains of the Endless Dusk.

In the first room make your way to the first ledge and drop down. Take out the enemy here and drop down to the right to get the Collectible – Metacarpus of Hodges, the Blacksmith. Return to the main path and continue heading to the left across the crumbling platforms. Continue platforming left until you reach an exit. Take it.

Room 2

Inside this next room drop down and grab the Prie Dieu. Use the wall grab ability on the noticeable stone wall (jump to a wall and press X). Make your way to the left and deal with the enemies that appear. Continue heading to the left and you will reach a new room. This room features a sort of miniboss.

Minboss: Perpetua

Image showing Perpetua.

Note: In this boss room you can interact with the tree. Complete the unfinished ceremony and bring the Egg of Deformity here.

Perpetua will attack you when you enter the room. He is a flying soldier that really only deals damage with two attacks: Lightning and a Dash. Both attacks are very telegraphed and should be relatively easy to dodge. The lightning appears in places that have a sparkly appearance and the dash he winds up for, giving you time to jump over him. In terms of damaging him simply hit him with up and attack when he flies above you. For beating Perpetua, you unlock The Sister Achievement and the Rosary Bead: Perpetua’s Protection. After the fight head to the left into the next room.

Room 3

Image showing Redento the NPC.

Inside this next room drop off the ledge to the ground below. Walk to the left and speak with the old man there. This old man is named Redento. Redento wants to make his way across the gap, but can’t. Leave Redento and head down the ladder into the new area called Jondo.

After Jondo – Crossing The Gap

Image showing the reward for helping Redento.

Note: this portion of the area guide pertains to after you’ve completed Jondo.

Once you make your way through Jondo you will reach a lever you can pull to send the lift over to Redento. Ride the lift over to Redento and speak to him. He will be overjoyed and will give you the Rosary Bead: Fourth Toe made of Limestone. Take the lift back across the gap and grab the Empty Bile Vessel on the column in the middle using Relic: Blood Perpetuated in Sand. You can also grab a Children of Moonlight (10/38) during the ride. Leave the lift and wall climb to the left into the next area.

Room 4

Image showing the location of the Dried Clover.

In this next room drop down and grab the item sitting on the ledge in the under side of the island. It is the Dried Clove. Grab this item then head to the left. Into the next room. Continue through this room and use the Prie Dieu. Continue left into the building to reach a lower portion of the Brotherhood of the Silent Sorrow.

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