How to Complete Cleofas Side Quest Guide – Blasphemous

There are a number of side quests for players to complete in Blasphemous. These side quests are given by different NPCs you will meet throughout the world of Cvstodia. One NPC you will meet is named Cleofas. Cleofas has a side quest related to him. Continue below to read out Cleofas side quest guide.

Note: To complete this quest you will need to have all three story masks available to you.

Cleofas Location

You will meet Cleofas in the Mother of Mothers area. He can be found sitting beside Socorro, an NPC that tortures herself. While In this room speak to Cleofas. He will give you a little back story about what he is doing there and what the other NPC does. Basically you can choose to end the Socorro’s suffering or give items to her. We are going to give her items.

Getting Marks of Refuges

Image showing the Mark of Refuge map locations.

To start the Cleofas questline make your way up to the Archcathedral Rooftops. In this area there are three Marks of Refuges we need to collect. These items are located at the points on the map above. When you enter each room it will trigger a fight. Complete the fight to receive the Mark of Refuge from the enemy. Once you have all three return to Socorro and give her all three Marks. She will disappear. Talk to Cleofas and he will wonder allowed whom shall he watch over next.

Stop Cleofas from Jumping

Once you’ve done this head to Albero. Go to the church and get the Quest Item: Cord of the True Burying. Take this item and head to the Archcathedral Rooftops. To the left of the Prie Dieu, there is a room. You will find Cleofas standing at the edge of this room. Give him the Cord of the True Burying and he will thank you. Return to Albero.

Receive Rewards from Cleofas

Image showing the Cleofas reward.

When you head towards the church you will notice the doors are open. Go inside the church and you will see Cleofas standing there. Speak with him to receive the Prayer: Tiento to your Thorned Hairs. Upon receiving this prayer you will unlock the achievement, Rebirth.

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7 responses

  1. Rich says:

    On the second part of the quest – DO NOT talk to him before you get the item. Otherwise he’ll jump the next time you go visit him regardless if you got then quest item.

  2. fuck you says:

    uh you probbably should have mentioned that he dies if you go to see him without having the item! wasted my fucking time

  3. avastcosmicarena says:

    I tried to do this, and when I entered the area with the item to give to him, I heard him scream like he had just jumped off. So, I failed this one. There must be a time limit for getting back to him with the item.

    • avastcosmicarena says:

      Update: Apparently, you’re not allowed to talk to him while he’s near the ledge until you have the item. I think this is the case anyway.

      Also, there is another achievement that requires you to get the pilgrim to a certain point in his quest and then stop, then let Cleofas commit suicide, and they cross paths.

      Unfortunately, I missed both of these on my first playthrough due to not knowing. You should add info about these things in the guide.

  4. Bachi420 says:

    Dammint I actually killed her, what do i do?? :C

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