Albero – Blasphemous Guide

After you make your way through The Holy Line you will reach Albero. Albero is a village that serves as a sort of hub area. To help you explore this hub area check out our Albero guide below.

Albero Map

Image showing the Albero map.

As mentioned in the opening, Albero is a hub area in Blasphemous. Like other hub areas in other games this area is relatively safe. There are a few npcs to talk to, a Shrine of Mea Culpa, and more. Use our map above to get the lay of the land.

Albero Tower

Central to Albero is a tower. Inside this tower there is an NPC and a few directions you can travel. Here’s what’s inside the tower.

NPC: Tirso

Image showing the NPC called Tirso.

After you sit at the Prie Dieu head to the right into the next area past the washing statue (remember this). Inside this tower walk forward to meet an NPC called Tirso. This NPC wants you to gather ingredients for ointments so they don’t have to keep kissing everything. Make a note of this and continue on your way.

Side Quest Notes:

  • Deliver the Bouquet of Thyme to Tirso to receive the Linen Cloth. See Fast Travel Room below for location of Thyme. Once you have the Linen Cloth enter the dream via statue of washing to right of Prie Dieu. Give Linen Cloth to ??? in dream to get Relic: Shroud of Dreamt Sins.
  • Give the Incense Garlic to Tirso to receive the Tears of Atonement. The Incense Garlic can be found in the Where Olive Trees Wither area.
  • Deliver the Bouquet of Rosemary to Tirso to receive a number of Tears of Atonement. This item is found in the Jondo area.
  • Deliver the Olive Seeds to Tirso to receive a number of Tears of Atonement. The seeds are found in the Patio of the Silent Steps area.
  • Give the Sooty Garlic to Tirso to receive a number of Tears of Atonement. The garlic is found in The Sleeping Canvases area.

Once you give all these items to Tirso you will receive the

Other Parts of Tower

Inside the tower you can go a number of ways. To start make your way up the ladder by Tirso and grab the Dove Skull item. Head back down the ladder and go down the ladder to the right of Tirso. Head to the ladder on the left and go down it to the bottom floor.

Image showing the breakable wall in Albero.

On this bottom floor make your way to the left to reach a Mea Culpa Shrine. These shrines can be used to purchase new combos. Buy any you want (or save your money). To the left of this room is the currently inaccessible Fast Travel Room (see Fast Travel Room below). Leave the Mea Culpa Shrine and head to the right. Hit the wall here to reveal a secret exit. Go into the exit to reach a new room.

Inside this new room grab the lore item, Calcaneum of Persian, the Bandit. This is a collectible item. There are many around Cvstodia. If you enter the crack you will enter a Collectibles Room which shows you what you’ve collected so far. Ignore heading to the right into the Desecrated Cistern area for now. Instead return to the tower and exit using the middle right door (right of Tirso).

Albero Exterior

Image showing the exterior of the Albero tower.

Note: You will see a Children of Moonlight in the next area. You cannot get it until you lower the elevator from the Graveyard of the Peaks.

You will leave the tower and return to the exterior. In this area walk up to the window on the first building you see and interact with it to learn a bit about the area. Keep in mind you can bring Remains here like the Remains of Tentudia’s Hair for TOA. Continue right into the next room.

Inside this room walk forward and grab the Phalanx of Brannon, the Gravedigger collectible. Continue heading to the right to reach the new area called Wasteland of the Buried Churches.

Later: Fast Travel Room

Image showing the Bouquet of Thyme.

When you fast travel to Albero for the first time you will enter the Fast Travel Room. This room is located left of the Mea Culpa Shrine and is locked. Inside this room there is an item Bouquet of Thyme (give to Tirso). Grab it then open the door to return to the tower.

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