Wasteland of the Buried Churches – Blasphemous Guide

Once you’ve made your way through Albero you will reach the area called Wasteland of the Buried Churches. In this area you need to make your way through it to reach . To help you do this, check out our Wasteland of the Buried Churches area guide below.

Wasteland of the Buried Churches Map

Image showing the map of Wasteland of the Buried Churches.

To help you traverse this new area check out the marked map above. On this map you will see items of interest, and other helpful indicators. Check out the map for where to go!

Wasteland of the Buried Churches

In the first room of the Wasteland of the Buried Churches, make your way to the right. Take out the angel wielding enemy and you will reach a platform and drop down. Don’t bother with the drop down, instead make your way right across the platforms until you reach an exit into a church. Go into it.

Follow the path through the church until you reach the exit on the right side. Note the ladder leading down. Head down the ladder and go left back into the area below where we entered the church. Take out the enemy here and continue heading left to reach the item Uvula of Protection. Return to the church and head up the ladder and out the exit.

Image showing the location of the Children of Moonlight 3

Head right in the next room. Jump to the ledge with the rock throwers to grab Collectible: Capitate of Barock, the Herald. Continue forward until you reach a platform another area with rock throwers above you. Take out the rock throwers and jump to their platform. Grab the Children of Moonlight (3/38) here. Continue heading to the right into the next church.

Image showing the location of the Heart of Virtuous Pain.

Inside this church there are a number of exits. The top left exit leads to the area called Where the Olive Trees Wither (ignore for now). The exit below that exit on the left side (use ladders to reach) leads to a Sword Heart called the Heart of the Virtuous Pain. Grab it then return to the church. Ignore the middle right exit (Bridge of the Three Calvaries) and head down to the exit on the bottom right into the next room.

If you played the demo you will recognize this room. Make your way to the right along the broken bridge and enter the church to trigger a cutscene. You will enter a new area called Mercy Dreams.

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