Where Olive Trees Wither – Blasphemous Guide

After you’ve explored the Desecrated Cistern area, I recommend making your way to Where Olive Trees Wither. This area features a new mechanic in wall climbing. Basically you stick your sword into walls you want to climb by jumping towards them and pressing x. This opens you up to a world of possibilities. To clear this area use our Where Olive Trees Wither guide.

Where Olive Trees Wither Map

Image showing Where Olive Trees Wither map.

Where Olive Trees Wither is a relatively straightforward area, but there is now an aspect of verticality introduced with the sword climbing. To help you navigate this area use the Where the Olive Trees Wither map above.

Room 1

Image showing the location of a collectible in Where Olive Trees Wither.

In the first room you enter make your way up the first wall and grab the Prie Dieu there. From here head to the right. Drop down and grab the Collectible: Radius of Helzer, the Poet. Return to the ledge to the right and climb the wall heading to the left. Ignore the spooky tree person for now and continue heading to the left into the next room.

Room 2

Head inside this room to get the Incense Garlic.

Make your way across the wooden platforms to the left and then head into the bottom left room. Grab the Quest Item: Incense Garlic. Return to room 2 and head up the wall on the left. Jump to the platform on the right then back to the wall above. Head through the exit.

Room 3

Where to drop down in Where Olive Trees Wither.

Head up the middle island in this room and run across the wooden platforms to make the jump over to the climbable wall. Climb up then jump across to the wooden platform to the left. Before you drop down I highly recommend running left through the first room of the Graveyard of the Peaks to reach the Prie Dieu there. Once you’ve knelt at the Prie Dieu return to this room and drop down. Head into the next room and make your way to the end to get the Quest Item: Remains of Tentudia’s Hair. Once you have this item return to the Graveyard of the Peaks area.

Later: Sword Heart

Image showing a now reachable ledge in the Olive Trees Wither.

You will notice in room 2 there is a corner to the right you can’t seem to reach. Return here once you have the Relic: Three Gnarled Tongues and you will see a large tree bridge appear. Use this tree Bridge with a Wall Climb to reach the corner of the area. This allows you to reach a Children of Moonlight and a new room containing the Heart of Cerulean Incense.

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  1. Gan Leng Keong says:

    There is a room next to incense garlic room, do you know how to access it?

  2. Adrian Davalos says:

    Hey Enrico, want to point out, that after getting the Linen of Golden Threat, you can fall in the middle section to an underground area. There, you can find a Prayer to the left, that lets you steal hp, a Children of Moonlight and a Collectible.

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