Where to Find Quicksilver in Blasphemous

Beneath Albero in the Desecrated Cistern you will encounter an NPC called Nacimiento. This NPC offers to improve your Bile Flask in exchange for Quicksilver. In total there are five Quicksilver for players to find and collect through the various locations in the game. To help you in your search here’s where to find Quicksilver in Blasphemous.

Quicksilver Locations Map for Blasphemous

Image showing the Quicksilver Locations Map for Blasphemous.

To help you find all five locations of the Quicksilver items in Blasphemous I’ve put together the map above. Each Quicksilver piece is located in a different area of the game so you will want to have fast travel unlocked to make getting them faster. Read the corresponding number below for a description of each location.

  1. Ferrous Tree > Hall of the Dawning: To find this Quicksilver make your way to the Ferrous Tree and access the Hall of Dawning room above the entrance to the Patio of Silent Steps. Head to the right in this room to reach the Quicksilver item on the ground.
  2. Patio of Silent Steps: In the top right corner of the first room of the Patio of the Silent Steps there is a ladder. Climb up this ladder and complete the platforming sequence to reach the Quicksilver item at the top. This item can also be reached by opening the shortcut from the Wall of the Holy Prohibitions.
  3. Sleeping Canvas: A few rooms to the left of the first Sleeping Canvas shrine you will find a new room with three candlestick men and three axe traps below and a path above. Slide into the area with the candle enemies and axes then make your way to the left to reach the Quickilver item at the end.
  4. Jondo: To the right of Jondo you will reach a shortcut to an area called Echoes of Salt. The room just before the entrance to Echoes of Salt is the Quicksilver item.
  5. Petrous: Petrous can be accessed by using the Weight of Sin ability in The Holy Line. This location must be accessed to start the DLC. Beside the house in this location is the final Quicksilver.

When you’ve collected a Quicksilver item it is added to your quest items collection. The Quicksilver item has the following item description:

“A sphere of liquid silver touched by the Miracle. Brought to Cvstodia by alchemists from distant lands, back when the roads were still open and the wagons left furrows in the mud. In the right hands, its latent healing powers could be revived by alas, the art of alchemy was lost many eons ago.”

What to Do With Quicksilver

Image showing What to Do With Quicksilver in Blasphemous.

Important: Upgrading your flask consumes one flask. So if you have eight available flasks after the upgrade it goes down to seven.

Once you find Quicksilver you may be wondering what to do with it. Basically Quicksilver is the item you take to the new NPC called Nacimiento. Nacimiento resides in the Desecrated Cistern directly beneath Albero. When you talk to Nacimiento he will ask you to bring him items in exchange for upgrading your bile flask. The items he wants for each upgrade of the Bile flasks are:

  • Upgrade 1: 1x Quicksilver, 1x Bile Flask, and 1,000 tears.
  • Upgrade 2: 1x Quicksilver, 1x Bile Flask, and 3,000 tears.
  • Upgrade 3: 1x Quicksilver, 1x Bile Flask, and 7,000 tears.

Upon unlocking the first three upgrades Nacimiento will tell the Penitent One to leave. Reenter the room to find Nacimiento with a figure protruding out of his chest. When you speak to Nacimiento at this point he mentions it is the “Ancient One.” After this revelation Nacimiento will ask you to quickly find more Quicksilver for the final two upgrades:

  • Upgrade 4: 1x Quicksilver, 1x Bile Flask, and 12,000 tears.
  • Upgrade 5: 1x Quicksilver, 1x Bile Flask, and 21,000 tears.

Once you’ve purchased the final upgrade (upgrade 5) Nacimiento will complain again about being tired. Leave and comeback to find the Ancient One in the middle of the room asleep. Beside the Ancient One Nacimiento is just a lifeless husk with a hole in his chest.

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