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After you defeat the Warden of the Silent Sorrow, you will enter a new area called The Holy Line. This new area features an NPC and some items for you to grab. To get through this area check out The Holy Line area guide below.

The Holy Line Map

Image showing The Holy Line Map.

The Holy Line is a new area you enter after completing the tutorial of Blasphemous. This new area is larger than the previous area, but is fairly linear. To help you get through this area, check out the map above.

The Holy Line

The Holy Line is a straight run to the hub of Albero. Along the way you will meet an NPC and engage in some combat. There are a few items you can grab as well.

NPC: Deogracias

Image showing Deogracias.

In the first room of The Holy Line you will meet an NPC called Deogracia. Deogracias will dump a ton of lore on you and basically tells you your goal for the game is. You need to reach The Cradle of Affliction inside the Mother of Mothers of the churches. To reach this area you need to carry out Three Humiliations in other parts of Cvstodia. After you speak with Deogracias he will give you the Thorn item.

Once you are done with Deogracias, make your way to the right and kneel at the Prie Dieu. Head inside the next room on the right. Inside this room you will start into the game’s combat. Take out the enemies in this room and head into the next room.

Walk through the mud pit and you will reach an item on the ground. Pick up this item to receive the Verdiales of the Forsaken Hamlet (Prayer). Equip this Prayer item to use its power during combat. Continue heading to the right. You will see an item above you. Ignore it for now.

Inside this next room make your way across the platforms and wait for the Children of Moonlight (1/38) to appear. Destroy it to collect the first of 38. Continue heading to the right into the next room to trigger a cutscene. After the cutscene you will reach a new area called Albero.

Later: Item on Ledge

Image showing the Item on ledge in The Holy Line.

The item you seemed to not be able to reach can be reached by wearing the Relic: Blood Perpetuated in Sand which reveals invisible ledges. Jump on the blood ledges that appear to reach the item which is a Rosary Bead: Painted Wood Bead.

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  1. Doofstiha says:

    Weight of sin skill, used in a small patch of dirt filled with rocks; it will smash through the ground to the area beneath Holy Line (located near object on high platform)

  2. Jason says:

    Great but how do you get the relic box that is in the hidden area under the holy line?

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