Blasphemous Boss List

Blasphemous is a new indie title out of The Game Kitchen which emphasis exploration and difficult combat. If you’ve seen any footage of this game you will know there is heavy emphasis on boss battles. To help you keep track of all theses battles, check out our Blasphemous boss list below.

IMPORTANT: List is being updated.

Warden of the Silent Sorrow

Image showing the Warden of the Silent Sorrow boss fight.

Area: Brotherhood of the Silent Sorrow.

The first boss you will encounter in Blasphemous serves as the game’s combat tutorial. This boss is called the Warden of the Silent Sorrow. It has a fairly rudimentary selection of attacks:

  1. Ground Pound: Jumps into the air and smashes into the ground. Dodge to either side when it jumps in the air.
  2. Candelabra Swing: Smashes its candelabra in the direction the player is standing. This sends out a wave of corpses in the direction of the swing. Simply dodge to the opposite side to get a nice window for damage.

For defeating the Warden of the Silent Sorrow you receive the A Long Road Ahead achievement. Plus you fill your helmet with its blood which is pretty neat.

Ten Piedad

Image showing the Ten Piedad boss in Blasphemous.

Area: Mercy Dreams

Ten Piedad is a boss you will encounter in Blasphemous. This boss is a sort of part hound/part tree hybrid creature. During the fight Ten Piedad has a few attacks it will use:

  1. Swipe: will kneel then swipe once at you. Dodge and stay close to the body to get in some nice damage after the swipe.
  2. Ground Smash (Fists): Turns towards screen and windows up armors over head before smashing fists into ground. Shoots out roots from the pound (3x roots on both sides in first phase; 5x roots on both sides in second phase). Easily avoided if you run to the edges of the arena when Ten Piedad is winding up.
  3. Ground Smash (One Leg): Basically does a one leg ground smash that looks like a lunge. Deals damage if hit and also sends out roots that appear around where the player is. (2 roots in first phase; 3 roots in second phase). Easy to dodge this to the opposite side of Ten Piedad’s body.
  4. Root Bomb (Projectile): Shoots out a root bomb that will deal damage to you on hit or leaves behind a root you can run into if not hit.

If you wish to make this boss slightly easier you can seek out the NPC named Viridiana just above the Prie Dieu before the boss room. Speak with her and assent. If you do this Viridiana will offer you marginal healing during the fight.

Our Lady of the Charred Visage

Image showing the Our Lady of the Charred Visage boss.

Area: Convent of Our Lady of the Charred Visage.

Our Lady of the Charred Visage is a giant floating head and hand(s). This boss fight is rather difficult to complete as she is all about projectiles. Her attacks are:

  1. Laser Beam: Shoots a purple laser beam out of her hand. One short blast that follows and one rotating blast with four points. To avoid the following blast simply run away. The rotating blast is a bit more difficult to avoid. Try to reach the center of it and follow it as it rotates.
  2. Flame Blast: Shoots out a rotating wheel of flames. Simply stand in between them to avoid.
  3. Orang Balls: Shoots orange balls at the player. IMPORTANT: these can be deflected back at the face to deal damage.

So these are her attacks. In terms of dealing damage, there is only one spot which is her exposed brain on her forehead. This means you need to get a lot of jump attacks in. Once you get her to half health she will trigger her second phase.

Phase 2: Second Hand Appears

During the second phase her second hand appears. This allows her to do a mixture of the attacks listed above in tandem, which is incredibly annoying. Keep your wits about you in this phase and try to deal damage on the run. If you stand still for too long, you’re basically dead.

Upon defeat of Our Lady of the Charred Visage you will receive the Face Off achievement.

Minboss: Perpetua

Image showing Perpetua.

Area: Mountains of The Endless Dusk.

Perpetua will attack you when you enter the room. He is a flying soldier that really only deals damage with two attacks: Lightning and a Dash. Both attacks are very telegraphed and should be relatively easy to dodge. The lightning appears in places that have a sparkly appearance and the dash he winds up for, giving you time to jump over him. In terms of damaging him simply hit him with up and attack when he flies above you. For beating Perpetua, you unlock The Sister Achievement and the Rosary Bead: Perpetua’s Protection.

Tres Angustias

Image showing the boss Tres Angustias.

Area: Grievance Ascends.

Before the boss fight you will run into our friendly old lady NPC. She will offer you her assistance. Decide if you want her help then continue to the right. Enter the boss arena and climb the platform in the middle to start the fight with Tres Angustias.

In this fight you will need to platform up while fighting the three bosses. This makes things a bit difficult as you will need to dodge projectiles, deal damage, and avoid falling to your death at the same time. With that said they are fairly simple to deal with as they have limited attacks:

  1. Lightning: Shoots lightning at you. This attack comes from the small spear wielders.
  2. Rotating Lightning: The one wielding the staff with the two balls on the ends will throw it and it will circle around her.
  3. Purple Lightning: They merge into one entity and shoot a large purple laser beam vertically where they are standing. This attack doubles in the second phase.

Your best approach to this fight is to stack up on defense including wearing the Perpetua’s Protection bead (since it gives protection against lightning attacks). You should also try to focus them when they are clumped together as it makes hitting them easier. For defeating Tres Angustias you unlock the Dance of Death achievement as well as 700 TOA.

Esdras, of the Anointed Legion

Image showing the boss Esdras, of the Anointed Legion.

Area: Bridge of the Three Calvaries.

As you walk on the bridge you will trigger a boss fight with Esdras, of the Anointed Legion. Esdras is the character you’ve been seeing in the various cutscenes following you. I would argue he is easily the hardest boss fight in Blasphemous since he is tanky, but can also easily wombo-combo you. He also possess three phases, with the third phasing featuring Perpetua. Here’s his move set.

Phase 1:

  1. Spinning Attack: Esdras spins at you. This is a short attack which covers about 2/3 of arena.
  2. Spinning w/ Lightning: Esdras spins across the entire bridge and summons vertical lightning strikes behind him. Jump over Esdras then stand between the lightning strikes to avoid. If you can run to the opposite side of where he starts his spin you can deal damage to him when he arrives.
  3. Heavy Attack: Esdras will run over to you then charge up his swing to attack you. This attack usually follows the Spinning Lightning attack. You can Parry this to give you a nice attack window.
  4. Blast: If you deal too much consecutive damage, Esdras will slam his weapon down which sends out a blast around himself which will stagger and damage you.

Phase 2:

Once you deal about 1/3 Damage to Esdras, he will move into phase 2. During the phase he uses similar moves to phase 1 but the speed is increased. He also gets a new move:

5. Lightning Wave: sends out 6x vertical lightning strikes towards you. Punished easily if you can get behind Esdras.

During this wave you pretty much need to be on your toes. You will need to use a combination of dodging and parrying to survive this phase. Focus on getting a few hits in when you can, but really emphasis punishing him on attacks like the heavy attack, lightning wave, and spinning /w lightning.

Phase 3: A new foe appears.

With about a third of his health left, Esdras will summon Perpetua. The fight remains relatively similar to Phase 2 (as Esdras moves don’t change), but you now have to worry about Perpetua who will dive you horizontally. Again focus on dodging and punish Esdras at every opportunity.

Once Esdras is defeated you will unlock The Brother achievement, the Taranto to My Sister Prayer, and 4300 TOA.

Exposito, Scion of Abjuration

Image showing the Exposito, Scion of Abjuration boss.

Area: The Sleeping Canvases.

This boss you may recognize from the game’s trailers. It is the baby. During the fight the baby appears in the background, but you will be spending the majority of your time fighting the snake-like creature that appears on the platform. It has the following attacks

  • Tail Attack: Thrusts tail up through the floor near where you are standing. There is an indicator circle that will appear around your character when this attack is about to occur. Dodge out of the way.
  • Poison Spin: Will circle you, dropping poison as it spins.
  • Fireballs: Shoots fireballs at you that bounce. Want to stand underneath the bounce to avoid damage.
  • Lunge: The head of the snake thing lunges at you.
  • Disc: Throws out discs similar to other enemies we’ve faced. These discs return to the boss.

If you stand still for too long during this fight the baby will grab you and rip you apart, killing you instantly. So keep that in mind. In terms of Rosary Beads, I would recommend stacking things that provide both fire and poison protection. Really all this fight comes down to is learning where to be positioned on each attack.

For beating Exposito, Scion of Abjuration you receive the Blind Innocence achievement and 8800 TOA.

Boss: Melquiades, The Exhumed Archbishop

Image showing Melquiades, The Exhumed Archbishop.

Area: Mother of Mothers

Melquiades, The Exhumed Archbishop is the boss you will face off against in the Mother of Mothers area. This skeleton priest is being held up by a throng of followers. This boss fight is fairly simple, but you will notice Melquiades is rather tanky. With that said Melquiades doesn’t have many attacks which is nice.

  1. Lightning: Columns of lighting appear from the sky. Stand between them to avoid.
  2. Hands: You will notice hands appear near the screen. These hands attack you.
  3. Scepter Strike: Occasionally Melquiades will strike out with his scepter. This attack mixes with lightning in second phase.

To deal damage to Melquiades you need to hit the arms of the people holding him up. Once you’ve hit them enough Melquiades will drop, leaving you ample opportunity to strike his head. Once you reach the halfway point, Melquiades will quickly move from side to side, making this process a bit more difficult. For defeating Melquiades you will unlock The Bejeweled Saint achievement and will earn some TOA.

Quirce, Returned By the Flames

Image showing teh boss Quirce, Returned By the Flames.

The boss you will face here is called Quirce. As the name suggests he likes fire. You will fight him in the basement of the cell after he throws his sword up at you. This fight is a bit tricky as Quirce is fairly fast. Here are the moves I noticed he uses:

  1. Dash: Quirce charges up and dashes across the room. After the dash he fire cyclones will spawn behind him.
  2. Spinning Sword: Quirce throws his spinning blade which bounces from across the room.
  3. Sword Throw: At any point Quirce may throw his sword at you. It will stick in the wall. Quirce will then attack you without his weapon using a sort of flaming teleportation attack.
  4. Spinning Sword Throw: When Quirce goes to the ceiling he does a spinning sword throw which travels the entire outline of the room.

Defeating Quirce unlocks the Ashes to Ashes achievement along with 15K TOA.

That’s all for our Blasphemous boss list so far. Check back at the game’s launch for all things Blasphemous!


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